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Bulgarians shut the Frack up

In good fracking news to the East...

Bulgaria have banned hydraulic fracturing after nationwide mass protests across twelve cities in Bulgaria last Saturday (12th) saw thousands of people take to the streets, along with solidarity demos organised by Bulgarian expatriates and other anti-fracking campaigners in several other European cities including Paris, Copenhagen and London.

Hundreds of protestors marched on government buildings in Sofia carrying banners saying “No to shale gas, Yes to nature”, and “Chevron go home” to protest the US energy giant's plans to extract shale gas in the European Union’s poorest member.

The Bulgarian government revoked the shale gas permit granted to  Chevron, who had been given a permit last June to explore for shale gas in Dobrudzha region in northeastern Bulgaria, one of the country's main agricultural regions. In a sudden turn around now Bulgarian drilling ban stipulates a fine of 100m levs (£43m; $66m) for any infringements.

Fracking had barely got a foothold in Bulgaria but in a refreshing spout of sudden mass mobilizations against the industry grass-roots protests across the country seems to have been effective at kicking them out! Sorted!

There are 2 comments on this story...
Added By: Anonymous - 20th January 2012 @ 12:35 PM
Awesome! Come on Balcombe, you can do it!
Added By: Jay - 22nd January 2012 @ 4:53 PM
Now we need to do the same. . .well done Bulgaria.
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