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Kostas Sakkas has been on hunger strike since the 4th June.

Kostas Sakkas is a Greek anarchist who was grabbed during one of the Greek police state's sweeps in december 2010 over the “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire” see SchNEWS 755 and has never been given a trial. He was branded as a terrorist with no evidence given, the only thing they had on him was the fact that he was an anarchist and anti-fascist.

Kostas Sakkas and the CCF have both always stated he was never a member of the CCF. Greek law states that after 18 months without trial the accused person must be released from prison, or 30 months in exceptional cases. On the 4th June Kostas's incarceration time reached the legal limit they could hold him in for. The courts have now set a bail price of 30,000 euro (25890.93 British Pound Sterling guvnor), this is an amount of money that is unaffordable for Kostas.

Kostas refuses to take money raised through financial institutions. To help him people have been trying to fundraise and collect funds and send it to VOX social centre in Athens to add to his bail money.

If you can help in any way with donations or anything else contact pumpkinrecords (Manchester DIY label), a collective which is helping raise awareness and fundraise for yet another injustice under the greek regime.

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