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Two activists arrested on Saturday 7th of December at an Ecostream protest on Western Road, Brighton.

One for aggravated trespass after walking into the shop premises and locking on and the other for using a megaphone after being instructed not to. The megaphone arrestee accepted a caution. The alleged trespasser was bailed without charge, no further action is being taken against him. SchNEWS spoke to the protestor accused of “locking on” who decided to speak with moving images rather than words. He told us that the documentary highlights why he protests.

Protesters have been targetting Ecostream since early in September 2012 because of a boycott against all Israeli corporations, furthermore, Ecostream itself has been breaking European laws over the controversial occupation of the West Bank. Pro-Israeli protesters arrived over a year ago to counter the Eco-stream protests. See SchNEWS 838, Eco-maniacs. The pro-palestinian protesters have now adopted a don't talk to the other side tactic. "This should be strictly followed. We want the focus to be on the ecostream shop, not on shouting matches with the counter protesters".

There are weekly demonstrations on Saturdays at 12.30am ouside the EcoStream store on Western Road.

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The use of 'secret dossiers' to detain Palestinians indefinitely and without charge - the struggle continues as the latest victims are kidnapped and imprisoned. 

“We suspect that the shift of the Israei public to the right and the birth of these fascist gangs is not spontaneous, but is a result of decades of incitement by the government. This incitement escalated quickly, and now Israeli Jews who criticize their government are attacked as well. This violence is also supported by the police. I can’t say right now what is going on and where we are headed to, but things aren’t pretty here.” David - Israeli activist

Israeli arms dealers do business at Farnborough Airshow even as the bombs drop on Gaza.


After a two year campaign the Ecostream shop in Brighton throw in the towel marking the end of one of the strangest campaigns ever seen in Brighton.

A national week of solidarity with Afghanistan - drone capital of the world - takes place with Fly Kites Not Drones day, with our local event hosted by anti-militarists Smash Edo.

Global solidarity for African refugees in Israel, as tens of thousands march in Tel Aviv in the face of state repression, racism and detention.

We got the low down on what's happening in the beseiged Gaza strip from Corporate Watch's Tom Anderson, and how the international BDS movement can support Gazan Palestinians. 

'Ground the Drones' demo to take place in Lincoln this Saturday as UK expands armed drone programme - and international resistance to the Drone Wars amps up.

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