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Caught between popular unrest and international arm-twisting, the Greek state has all but fallen into irrelevancy. Unable to wield a monopoly of violence in the face of constant protest and riot, they are no longer in control of their own economy thanks to the EU, ECB (European Central Bank) and IMF cabal known as the Troika. The Troika is responsible Greece's new political leadership, right up to Prime Minister Lucas Padademos. PM Papademos, who's previous jobs include senior economist at the Federal Reserve Bank in Boston and Vice-President of the European Central Bank, was not elected by the Greek people but selected by his friends and allies- the global financial elite. He is one of them, and he and his ilk bear the responsibility for the financial crisis he is expected to fix. If you want to see similarity between a military invasion and a financial one look no further than how the Greek constitution is being amended. It requires Greece to pay back their debts before spending a single penny on their own people, aka if they kiss the Troika's ring and grovel so that they may be allowed to eat this year, no promises though.

It's hard to argue against more integration and fewer borders in Europe, given the 'troubles' that Europe suffered during the tricky 1st half of the 20th century. But for some the European Project is a different beast entirely. For EU commissioners and the politicians its Franco-German heart, the European Project is their ego, the thing to which they have invested their lives and by which they will be judged. It is a power structure which has seen barely accountable national institutions be replaced by almost totally unaccountable transnational ones. As any Brit who didn't live under a rock during the 13 years of Labour rule could testify, a system that could elevate Peter Mandelson to a position of power (he served as British EU Commissioner '04-'08) is rotten to the core.

The sad thing is that closer ties among Europeans benefit everyone, however a core of the European political elite are perverting integration in a bid to create a European version of the US Federal Reserve. As supersized bilderburger Mayer Rothschild explained (handily giving the game away) "Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws".

This is part of Greece and the EU's problem. They want the Greek state's monopoly on violence to harnessed to enrich the coffers of the ECB and the Northern (ie German) economy. But the Greek state such a wreck after years of neo-liberalism and financial meltdown, it is little more than a bystander in its own territory. In the face of massive state violence, anarchists, workers and local communities have succeeded in taken over the day to day running of much of the vital infrastructure. The occupied “Municipal Market of Kypselli”, which addresses the housing needs of local residents, is being targeted by a new wave of police-municipal repression. On Saturday 3rd of March over 1000 people marched to defend this and other autonomous urban spaces.

The Occupied Hospital of Kilkis, occupied and managed by its workers since the 20th of February struggles to do its job with little help from the state. Even before it was occupied, its workers were rarely paid. Even during the 'boom' times hospital workers' salaries were as low as €800 per month, since the crisis they're lucky if they receive any money at all.

From the unique vantage point of our Brighton based office we can breathe the heady revolutionary air sweeping Greece. No matter what deals are done behind closed doors; whether Drachma or Euro, Panhellenic Socialist or New Democracy party, the present system, two things are clear: Firstly, Greece's future will be decided on its streets not in parliament (neither Greek nor European), and secondly, what's happening today in Greece will be visiting us soon.

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Added By: So-Crates Was Guilty. - 5th March 2012 @ 2:15 AM

nothing more to add to that.

a heads up for the future though - watch out soon for a new 'EU-wide Body' to 'regulate' (ie pally up to the manufacturers and **** the citizens) 'medical and clinical' equipment, using the recent 'breast implant' catastrophe as justification. A neat trick to remove REAL protections for the consumers, as the US's FDA amongst other US Federal bodies testifies clearly.

which of course, in turn will be used by the right-wing press to build ever more xenophobia and ignorance against Europe.



i'm surprised the (f*cking amazing!) Greeks haven't built more Autonomous Zones yet, presumably they simply cannot believe that Merkel would actually deliberately destroy Greece, and this will turn around soon. Almost, neither can i. But i lived through Thatcher, and that taught a great deal. And we only have to look at camoron/osbo and their policies to realise that they REALLY DO NOT CARE ABOUT US AT ALL.

still, this is damaging Merkel politically, with elections soon. With France maybe about to elect the first real left-wing President for generations, change is on the cards.

"From the unique vantage point of our Brighton based office we can breathe the heady revolutionary air sweeping Greece." - yeah, i'd like to be there too! And i have a feeling that the UKs future will be *more* violent than what happens in Greece... can you even imagine Osbo trying to call a referendum on his Austerity plans??

lord meddlesome is a kitty-cat compared to those troughing swine.
Added By: Anonymous - 5th March 2012 @ 7:25 PM
Yes, it's unjust and vile exploitation. But if people have less money they'll start selling cars and buying bikes, start turning the thermostat down, take fewer holidays by airplane and waste less food.

I know it's not as simple as that. But it seems to me that this type of article is a little off-target.
Added By: Infamous - 7th March 2012 @ 4:43 AM
the reverse order posting is annoying, this is the third post.

"anonymous", what the Greek people are facing is a complete social meltdown, worse that what happened the the North of England. To say "they should tighten their belts" is absurd.

The problem is caused by a misdirected policy, and corrected by patient instruction until good policies are followed.

Would you see such "correction" visited upon the English?

"off-target" my left buttock, that article is spot on, troll.
Added By: SCHNEWS WEBMASTER - 8th March 2012 @ 7:36 AM
@infamous: you are right, it is better to have the comments in ascending date order.

I have changed this now. Thanks for the observation.

SchNEWS Webmaster.
Added By: Talulu - 1st May 2012 @ 11:11 AM
It all goes down to It all goes down to this, the banks made a bad investment, the bail out is not for the Greek peploe period.The bail out is just paying interest on loans.If I was to play the stock market and I picked a bad company to invest in,I would lose money and take the loss.Ok now the banks lend money to Greece and they made bad investment and are forcing the government of Greece to get the money back to banks through austerity which will leave an economy shattered and never to recover.Default only answer +2Was this answer helpful?
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