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Gaza into the Abyss

protests erupt following Israeli assault on Gaza

Israel's incumbent, Bibi Netenyahu, has kicked off his election campaign in traditional Israeli style- by bombing the shit out of Palestinians, because, as every Israeli politician knows- dead Arabs mean more votes. Just like during Israel's last general election 4 years ago, Israeli forces have begun a massive terror campaign against the Gaza Strip. Operation 'Pillar of Defence' is shaping up to be a mini cast lead- 15 dead (so far) to Cast Lead's 1400.

There is no military rationale to this offensive- Israel’s first target, Hamas leader Ahmed Jabari, , was hardly israel's no.1 enemy. Quite the opposite in fact, Jabril was instrumental in enforcing the truce between Israel and Gaza's armed factions, indirectly coordinating the ceasefire with Israel and Egypt. Other early casualties of Israel's onslaught include an 11 month old baby (the son of a Gazan BBC correspondent). The world's largest open air prison is once again has become hostage to the whims of Israeli electoral cycles.

Despite the Arab Spring and the supposed democratisation of much of the Arab world, Middle-Eastern leaders have so far been content to express their displeasure at the IDF's actions with tough talk and no action. But even as governments are willing to stand by and watch Gaza burn, the same isn’t true of conscientious people across the globe.

Demonstrations have erupted around the world at short notice- in the UK the focus has been on the Israeli embassy, where hundreds of protesters faced a heavy police presence to take their message direct to the Jewish State's official representatives.

Over a hundred people showed up in SchNEWS' home town, the fair city of brighton. People assembled at Victoria gardens before marching towards the EcoStream store (EcoStream have a factory in one of Israel’s illegal settlements, Mishor Adumin).

One protester was arrested before the demo could even get under-way. A Palestinian man who had arrived in his car with his young children ended up in a dispute with cops over parking almost immediately after turning up. Eyewitnesses say the cops goaded him into losing his cool, at which point they arrested him for assault police. Ironically, his car had a sticker on it that read “Working in partnership with Sussex Police”.


Palestinians and activists based in the Gaza strip are calling out for people everywhere to get involved in the struggle against the Israeli state's aggression. The ISM have put out this callout on their site:

Dear All. I am calling on all your support for the besieged people of the Gaza Strip.

Here in Gaza, more than 10 people have been killed so far in the Israeli operation named “Pillar of Defence” within the last 7 hours, including countless children such as 7-year-old child Ranan Arafat and an 11 month old baby. We’ve seen charred bodies of dead and injured children pouring in to Al Shifa hospital of Gaza City and the other depleted hospitals around the Gaza Strip. 50 airstrikes all over the Gaza Strip so far. Deafening explosions shook us all as bombs landed close to us in the streets near the Universities. Huge explosions are landing all around us in Gaza City now as I write, some entire families have been injured. We can also hear the shelling of Israeli Gunships. Announcement of possible Israeli land invasion very soon.

More than 330 children were killed in the last bloody operation like this in operation Cast Lead, killing over 1400 in total: the vast majority civilians. We are reporting from hospitals, streets and bombed areas. How many, terrified in there homes will have their lives shortened by tomorrow, or after the days of airstrikes, tank shellings and Gunship missiles Israel has announced. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. MOVE. ACT NOW TO STOP ANOTHER GAZA BLOODBATH. INACTION AROUND THE WORLD HAS LEAD US TO THIS POINT. ACT NOW.

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Added By: Israeli Propaganda Machine - 18th November 2012 @ 3:19 PM
Israel is defending blah blah, Hamas evil terrorists blah blah, Hitler blah blah.
Added By: Zen Master Arnie Termimator - 19th November 2012 @ 10:15 AM

You are now missiling Israeli and Tel Aviv because you are afraid the UN will send Israel troops into Gaza.
Stop missiling when you are losing the fight.
When the Israelis come into town and arrest you, shoot missiles or attack at where they take your prisoners to in Tel Aviv.
Zen Master Arnie
Added By: Martin x - 21st November 2012 @ 8:11 PM
Where are the demos protesting the hundreds of missiles thrown into villages and towns in the Negev? Neither side deserves our support.
Added By: Zen Master Arnie Termimator - 22nd November 2012 @ 12:17 AM

Israel and American Jews, no longer appear to possess much that is transactable financial securities. Such as large billions of national nor corporate treasuries. This from a small mistake in a BBC News Online comment on the 20th by Mr Netanyahu. Hugh. Netanyahoo. Hoo. Huge. Hug, Huggy. Huggy Bear.
No - one and nobody anywhere from North Africa to Damacus has retained banking or high finance assets, except to speculate dangerously.
Zen Master Arnie
Added By: Z.M.A.T. - 22nd November 2012 @ 2:03 AM
That was a political party broadcast from the Zen Master Arnie Terminator Party.
Vote Zen Master Arnie Terminator Party
Added By: Anarchiste - 22nd November 2012 @ 4:03 PM
Zen Master Arnie is on an establishment agenda now. Just like the so-called SchNEWS.
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