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LGBTQ activist escapes deportation for now

LGBTQ activist Irina Pulitova was released from Yarl's Wood detention centre on Tuesday(10th) after being detained on Friday(6th).

Over 150 demonstrators had gathered outside the UKBA's offices in London Bridge on the 9th to show their support and protest for her release. When the moment arrived, a party was held for her in Hackney. Unlike most detainees in Yarl's Wood, Irina's case received national attention through the media, facebook group and solidarity demonstrations with hundreds of protesters in attendance. 

Irina is seeking asylum in the UK. Back in Russia she would face prison time and violence in the hands of the state and from far right groups. Irina escaped Russia a few months ago where she was attacked for her political beliefs by police and neo nazis. For Russia's current agenda on LGBTQ+ people see SchNEWS 852.

Irina was held by the UKBA and taken to Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre on the 'fast track', a processing system which forces asylum claims to be processed within the period of two weeks. More than 99% of asylum claims through the fast track system are unsuccessful. Public pressure had a hand in her release but whether she will stay out of Yarl's Wood remains to be seen.

While this case was a campaign success and highlighted the risks faced by the LGBTQ population of Russia, there are of course many more victims of the UK's draconian immigration stance who remain nameless as they are booted out.






















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