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Roll-up. Roll-up for yer bumper Brighton weekend by the sea where we'll be celebrating the Jubilee with barely a mention of the half-German ingrates occupying Buck Palace.



First up is the fashionably late Brighton Uncut with Never Mind the Jubilee – it’s the Great Brighton Street Party. They've called for a party and protest in central Brighton to celebrate “Community Spirit Uncut”. Meet at 12 noon at the Clock Tower for an afternoon “which will include tea, cake and conversation, music and games, bunting and traditional gingham table cloths in interesting places.” Weirdly they've plumped for a 1948 theme, so bring spam.

Brighton Uncutter Al Buntson said: “We continue to pay the price for bankers’ greed and recklessness while the mega wealthy get tax breaks and the corporate tax dodgers continue unfettered. Since Brighton Uncut first took to the streets armed with nothing more than tubes of superglue, the financial crisis has worsened and we’re still braced for the full force of the Government’s slash and burn approach to public services. We could leave our fate in the hands of a tiny group of millionaires in business and government. Or we could organise, take back the power and build a better world. That’s why we’re celebrating Community Spirit Uncut. It’s the one thing this Government can’t cut. And it’s something we’ll need in spades.”


Unfortunately the street party may have a few unwelcome gate-crashers as EDL boneheads, Casuals United attempt to make some point or other by having a 'social' in town. Hope Not Hate exposed their plans to attack the Brighton Uncut party so presumably they'll be on to Plan B* – keep yer eyes peeled and report any sightings to Brighton anti-fascists. Anti-fascists will be mobilising in Churchill Square on the day in an effort to scrounge some cake.

*i.e surprising absolutely everyone by turning up at the Cowley Club.


Bringing up the rear will be SMASH EDO with the 'Stop the War on Iran – Ends the Arms Trade' march on June 4th. According to Chloe Marsh, long-time spokesperson for the campaign, “This is intended to be a straightforward, inclusive demonstration which will end with an open mic session outside Hove Town Hall”.

Meet outside Barclays on North St 12p.m.

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Added By: Bemused of Tunbridge Wells - 1st June 2012 @ 3:03 PM
Talking of clashes there seems to be a real old bunfight going on at Indymedia UK where one of the moderators has been caught telling fibs and has been "called out" by a reader. Offers of a 1000 quid and being bandied around


Is this an attempt to increase readership by creating some TC reality style pseudo conflict, we should be told
Added By: A grand ? - 1st June 2012 @ 3:41 PM
And he doesn't take the challenge !!!

That's a bit surprising !!!!
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