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Demonstrators will hold a Mass Sleep Out at Brighton Town Hall, Bartholomew Square on Wednesday (6th) to raise awareness about the problem of homelessness and inform people about the AHS (Autonomous Homeless Shelter).

The sleep out will begin at 4:30pm so the action can be visible to council workers as they finish work. There will be a soup kitchen and cake provided for participants. People planning to attend are encouraged to bring sleeping bags, blankets, roll mats and other relevant material for a sleep out.

The decision about the sleep out came after Brighton’s squatted AHS got served with eviction papers for a court hearing on Thursday (7th) at 10am. The shelter is home to 16 people at the moment that otherwise would be sleeping rough.

The AHS manifested because of a need to deal with the city’s increasing homelessness problem and the council’s disregard on the matter. An example of the council’s attitude was the closure of St. Patrick’s night shelter on the 31st January with no replacement being provided.


AHS call out
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