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A short briefing on the upcoming Operation Vendetta called by Anonymous hacktivists.

Anonymous UK, as part of operation Vendetta, have planned to do a “Million Mask March” on November the 5th 2013 to Parliament from Trafalgar square starting at 6 pm.

If London is not your cup of tea there are plenty of other locations to choose from, where other Million Mask Marches will be starting at the same time and date. You can pick from Nebraska, New Jersey, Washington, California, India, Colardo, Melbourne, Massachusetts, Bulgaria, Adelaide, Romania and Hong Kong. The aim of this demonstration is to re-unite all Anonymous activists and spark the movement back into action against the persecution of internet freedom. The demonstration is against government censorship and tyranny.

The hacktivist group have called for a silent march to build up the suspense en route but it remains to be seen how the cookie will crumble during the event. According to online announcements the dead air will be broken with none other than the 1812 Overture and other pretty little ditties to really get the party going for as long as possible. “It is the target of Anonymous in 2013 to evolve the old traditional idea of protesting into the new. Anonymous have changed the rules, by turning this 'new tradition' of petition into more of a festival of ideas, performance art and symbolic new age discussion that has formed the political views of the youth of today.”

For more information on the demo check here and you can also keep updated and follow events on their facebook and twitter.

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not Forgive
We do not Forget
Expect Us.

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