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Aceh 64 solidarity actions

Across the globe punks have taken action against the repressive actions of the Indonesian authorities. Cops in Banda Aceh busted a punk gig on 10th December and arrested 64 people who were carted off for 'moral re-education' (see SchNEWS 800). They were not abandoned by their brothers under the mohawk.

On the15th Moscow punks attacked the Indonesian embassy with spray-paint saying “We consider ourselves anarcho-punks and these news offended us in the deepest sense. We won't tolerate any religion to hold sway over living being’s freedom, especially over our subculture....We wish the news of our action to reach Indonesian comrades. We hope they will have their spirits soar after hearing that in such far-away country there are folks who feel solidarity with their struggle."

On the 19th Members of Jakarta Punks United demonstrated outside Police HQ in Jakarta. They carried several banners saying “Uphold Punk Sharia” and “Jakarta Solidarity for Aceh Punk.” The protesters met with the National Police chief to discuss the arrests that took place on Dec. 10 in Banda Aceh.

UK punks followed up with a small but lively demo outside the Indonesian Embassy in Grosvenor Sq on the 20th

Most recently under the banner “There is no good system but the Sound System” Turkish punks in Istanbul organised a benefit gig for the Aceh 64 featuring poster boys of the local hardcore scene POSTER-ITI and FRANKENSTEIN on Christmas Eve. The next day thirty punks with a sound-system in tow headed for the Indonesian Consulate where they spray painted slogans such as Dinleriyik Yoket (Abolish all Religions)“, “Free Aceh Punx”, “ACAB”, “Punklar burda (The Punks are Here)” and “Özgur Kal (Stay Free)”. Check out the obligatory video

There have been other small rallies around the world and night-time sabotages at embassies and consulates.

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Added By: Anonymous - 6th January 2012 @ 12:03 AM
Get the Punx back home!!!
Added By: Alexander Mathieson - 6th January 2012 @ 12:05 AM
Added By: Anonymous - 7th January 2012 @ 11:49 AM
Hey Schnews, you failed the Punx! It seems this is the only story here that didn't make it into the print edition #802...

btw does anybody know what happened to the 64? Earlier it was said they were sent to this camp for 10 days, but that was nearly a month ago...
Added By: Elhadry - 22nd October 2012 @ 8:48 AM
Adrian,Thanks for the band tip - I will catch em... Re: Punk Brit - ha, ha - I should have fwoolled it all, instead of getting bored with it..Undertones are a family fave band - Rose and Matt knew the words to Teenage kicks as toddlers. Bill, I and they would sing along in the car on days out.I used to write to John Peel (and he wrote to me - pre-email, and sometimes played my requests), it was only fitting that TK be played at his funeral.. I saw the Undertones in 2005, sadly no Sharkey, but McLoone did well, I got Damine O'Neill's autograph on my arm.. my kids (17 and 15 at the time) were horrified when I got home (too old to rock...) and insisted I remove it!!
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