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Clermont Ferrand In Flames

anti police riots in france

Rioting hit the streets of Clermont-Ferrand, capital of the Auvergne region in France, this Tuesday (10th). Thirty vehicles went up in flames in just a single night as the local citizenry reacted to the maltreatment of Wissam El-Yamni, aged 30, who ended up in a coma after his arrest on New Year's Eve. He supposedly suffered a heart attack, however no plausible explanations have been offered as to the cause. All that is known is that he had no previous heart problems in his medical history and some very visible injuries on his neck. Wissam passed away on Monday (9th). Police pre-emptively filled the Gautherie area with more police in a bid to avoid more trouble. As one bystander reported to our Schnews team on the ground “Why would they fill the streets with more cops if they'd done nothing wrong? Of course they are guilty! They killed him!”.

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