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Camp Ivy - new encampment set up on Bexhill Bypass

Following the eviction of three camps last month, the fight to save Combe Haven valley from road development on the outskirts of Bexhill, Sussex, is intensifying again with the establishment of 'Camp Ivy'. Already tree houses, benders and tents have gone up to house anti-road protesters who just won't go down without a fight. Like they say, it aint over 'til it's over...

The camp is another pain in the arse for East Sussex County Council, who claim protest camps have already cost them over £700,000; security £150,377, High Court Enforcement Officers £408,993.11 and protest eviction squad £213,112.32.

The new camp has already been busy, with more disruption and obstruction as activists block contractors attempts to work, getting in the way of heavy machinery, bulldozers and chainsaws. One activist on the ground comments “All that's needed is for people to walk a nearby footpath or bridleway, meaning contractors down tools whilst security escort you along the path. This can be repeated, over and over and over...

The camp is now calling a Weekend of Action for the 22nd, 23rd and 24th February, encouraging people to attend to visit, camp and take action against the works. They suggest campers come prepared with sleeping kit, warm clothes, tents, food and water. A camp spokesperson insisted the weekend was just the beginning, with actions expected to continue through out next week and into the summer.

Contractors are running out of time. They have only until Friday 1st March to remove all hedgerows and trees – after that works will be prohibited from the beginning of nesting season. Activists are adament the deadline will be missed. If actions can halt works until this time, the road building schedule will be pushed back even further, raising the costs yet again and obstructing the road.

The camp is proudly boasting NO MUD, so sweep the dust of your tent and down to the Combe Haven for a spot of spring camping and rambling.


Anyone planning to visit can find directions here:


Camp number: 07706 065623

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