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Tar sands activists in Canada are celebrating a victory this week as the controversial ( and snappily titled) Northern Gateway Tar Sands Pipeline Approval Process was delayed until at least the end of 2013.

The pipeline plans that are currently under review would transport 525,000 barrels of crude oil a day – going from Alberta's tar sands oil fields, through waterways that play host to the threatened salmon population, temperate rainforests and coastal ecosystems to a port ready for waiting tankers to cross the Pacific ocean to Asia. First Nation activist groups have pledged to stop any pipeline construction on their land through mass civil disobedience. Through the use of the Ecological Internet (an Enterprise Wiki of internet based environmental portals and international Earth Advocacy networks) over the last few months has raised nearly a quarter of a million protest emails to the Northern Gateway joint review panel.

See www.climateark.org

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The Department for Transport was blockaded by fifty Greenpeace activists and two immobilised cars on Monday (28th) to protest the UK government's determination to stick a spanner in the upcoming EU vote on tar sands

For the second time in a month, anti-fracking campaigners have targeted the proposed fracking site in Hesketh Bank, Lancashire. Rising Tide activists from Bristol made the long journey up north with their bikes and have stormed the rig, climbing on to drilling equipment and halting works.

Imports of oil from tar sands - the dirtiest, most expensive and most bat-shit crazy form of oil extraction around - looks like it may face a possible EU ban soon. That is unless unless Lewes MP Norman Baker can scupper it.

The year is 2027 and America is in turmoil as the US army guns down refugees trying to cross the border and escape a Mexico collapsing under the strain of climatic change... It is 2036 and Pakistan and India have been reduced to a radioactive wasteland after a nuclear water war... It is 2039, and countries in the Majority World are defying the West and pumping sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere in a desperate attempt to reduce global temperatures and halt the catastrophic climatic change ravaging their countries. The Toba super-volcano erupts and temperatures plummet...

The Mexican government put an end to reports that 25,000 people have been killed in the last four years of Mexico's drug wars. The correct figure, they insist, is 28,000. Last month the candidate for election in Tamulipas State, on the US border, was killed in broad daylight by Los Narcos (narcotraficantes - ie drug traffickers. On 18th of August 2010 the body of a mayor (from the governing National Action Party- aka PAN) Edelmiro Cavazos, was found dumped by the roadside; blindfolded with his hands bound behind his back. Despite this the government of President Felipe Calderón is busy assuring anybody who can be bothered to listen that there is no narco-terrorism in Mexico.

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