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The Ungovernable Force?

Global anti-punk crackdown


3 members of Russian riot grrrl band Pussy Riot are still behind bars in Moscow as last week a judge authorised their continued detention. Meaning they will have spent 5 months inside without trial. About 20 people were arrested outside the court as supporters were once again attacked by police and Orthodox Russians.

The women – Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Maria Alekhina and Yekaterina Samutsevich – were nicked in March and held on remand for 'hooliganism' after performing a guerilla gig at Moscow's Christ the Saviour Cathedral. Their song 'Holy Mother, Throw Putin Out! ' earned them the wrath of many Orthodox Christians and, more importantly, Putin himself.

Church spokesman Vsevolod Chaplin said recently that God told him that He “condemns what they've done”. However thousands of Orthodox Russians, evidently more forgiving than the big man, have signed a petition to Patriarch Kirill (head of the Russian Orthodox Church) to support the band – unfortunately he continues to describe them as “blasphemous” (he has also described Putin's rule a "miracle of God").

Amnesty, Union of Solidarity with Political Prisoners, European Women's Lobby and assorted punks have been supporting the inmates – their call to free Pussy Riot has been echoed by much of Russia’s more liberal populace as well as many others around the world, though Russia shows little sign of listening to these pleas.

Pittsburgh punk rockers Anti-Flag have released a cover of Pussy Riot's infamous song in solidarity with their plight.


Meanwhile the punk crackdown continues in Aceh, Indonesia – following on from the 10-day boot camp that 64 'punks' were forced to endure, a young 'punk' couple were publicly caned in April for premarital sex and on Wednesday 13th June a party was attacked by a mob “upset with those strongly believed to be engaging in sordid activities”. Though according to police Chief Insp. Ibrahim Prades, those attending (including hospitalised 16 year old Arif) were not necessarily punks “they’re just trying to be punks.” It's unlikely Indonesian police will put much effort into identifying their armed attackers, preferring to spend most of their time raiding venues and parks to detain youths contributing to the “social disease” that is punk.


In the words of Anti-Flag “Punk rock is much more than a t-shirt, a sound, a record, or a band, and it knows no borders or nationality.” So support your fellow punk wherever they may be.


For more info on Pussy Riot and to donate to their defence fund – freepussyriot.org

You can also write to the Russian authorities via Amnesty International.

Punk Aid have released 'Aceh Calling' – a compilation album with all profits going to Indonesian punks.

There are also a petition to 'Tell Indonesia That Being Punk Is Not A Crime!'.

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Added By: A Pedant Writes - 27th June 2012 @ 11:25 AM
sorry, but populous describes the intensity of population, while populace describes the people living in a particular area.

Punk's not dead!

Added By: Miffy - 27th June 2012 @ 1:31 PM
Pendantic, but true. Fixed it.

Up the punks!
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