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Has the Gloucestershire badger cull caved in?

Gloucestershire falls to the badger lovers?

Despite a deafening silence from all official bodies, it seems likely the Gloucestershire part of the badger cull won't go ahead. Apparently some farmers have pulled out leaving less than the necessary 70% of the land signed up. Defra are denying there are any problems but maybe they're just hoping to sort it out. They have announced as little as possible about the cull in most respects, keeping quiet about the exact boundaries and the start dates.

It was always a possibility that not enough landowners would sign up in Gloucestershire and a North Dorset cull zone has been prepared as a back-up. There have already been huge public meetings against the cull in Dorset. Various sources had suggested the cull would start at the beginning of August. Is the whole project teetering on the brink of collapse, or are they quite happy to wait til the last few weeks that are warm enough?

However if it does go ahead, shooters expect to kill 80% of the badger quota in the first 3 days of the cull starting.

Now is the time to act. Find your local sab group. If you're in the Brighton area and would like to get involved contact Brighton Hunt Saboteurs on facebook or by email: southdownsabs (A) yahoo . com

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Added By: Lincoln Animal Friends - 21st August 2013 @ 6:32 AM
Saturday 24th August we have organised a March Against the Badger Cull in Lincoln. It will start at 12.30 from St Martins Lane.

We are meeting before and after at Revival, Sincil Street, Lincoln.

Yorkshire itv have shown an interest and my film the event.

We would like as many people as possible to attend.
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