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What's your Hinkley Point?

Between 5th-9th October there will be a weekend of camp-based action against the proposed new EDF nuclear power station in the eco-battleground of Hinkley Point, Somerset (see SchNEWS 'Barnstorming' and 'Troubled over Bridgewater' for a taster). A mass march and rally are planned for the Saturday (6th) in Bridgewater. More militant action is set for the Monday, when there'll be a mass trespass on Hinkley Point.

EDF Energy wants a government subsidy of £2.8 billion a year for the next 25 years to build two new nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point in Somerset which are currently gonna cost a whopping £14 billion. The estimated cost has risen by 40% in the space of just one year. This means that over 25 years they will pocket a profit of £56 billion, and that's before the added taxpayer liability of the unmanageable waste, major accidents and before the human and non-human communities bear the environmental, and genetic and social costs of their operation.

The final decisions on whether to back the projects of EDF and other energy giants Centrica aren't due 'til the end of the year. One anti-nuke activist urged readers: “Let's show them our determination to make sure that it costs them on every level... Let's spell it out that they will not be building new nuclear, especially when old nukiller is an industry that already underpins all of the other extreme energy sources such as fracking and extracting oil from tar sands as well as being at the heart of the military industrial complex!”.

Check www.stopnewnuclear.org.uk for more info. They're also looking legal observers if you can help with this then please contact rosbeauhill@hotmail.com

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Added By: Auth - 22nd October 2012 @ 4:25 PM
the next show is this Sunday the 13th! Sorry for the delay, it has been a hot summer, enroyeve really busy, people away, people moving on to other projects etc there was a show in october you can check the blog and listen and now the nov, we will be streaming life, keep an eye on the blog or on the twitter feed @radiokebele see you online!
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