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Advertisers, those bottom feeding, scum sucking disgraces to humanity, are forever co-opting radical and subversive movements into capitalism’s thrall. Hip-hop, punk, graffiti all started as rebellious street movements but have been twisted into vehicles to sell shite to the masses. Take Banksy – once a criminal fugitive for his hobby of painting satirical stencils on the sides of buildings, now sells his pieces for thousands a pop, one of which is on display at one of the Art Series hotels in Melbourne.

But the devilspawn that run Art Series’ marketing have gone one further, and have co-opted shoplifting as a sales gimmick. The chain is inviting guests to steal the piece. If they get caught it just gets returned, but if they successfully pilfer it then they get to keep it.

Wonder if they’d be quite so understanding if somebody went and graphed the side of one of their hotels...

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