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Stuck for gifts this Christmas?

So last year you got your copy of "SchNEWS: in Graphic Detail", but now you just can't think of a fitting gift for your loved ones over the festive period. Well, worry not, hot off the shelves of all the best perfumeries in Gaza comes the latest scent "M-75". It's not named after the latest girl band or a washed up Spice Girl, M75 gets its name from the rocket that the Palestinian armed resistance in Gaza fired at Tel Aviv during the last offensive.

Whilst the vast majority of missiles fired during the 8 day conflict were Israeli weapons shot into the Strip (killing over 170 against 6 Israelis killed), Palestinians both inside and outside of the besieged territory rejoiced that one of their primitive rockets was actually able to strike at the Israeli capital.

The explosive fragrance (made of citrus fruits and herbal essences and sold in 2 oz black-and-green bottles for $13 apiece) is the brainchild of one Rajaey Odwan, director of Gaza's Continental Style perfume company, who said that he thought he'd "give customers a chance to smell victory and turn it into a perfume".

"Sales have gone through the roof", he said. Indeed they have, just like the real thing. (Available in all good underground smugglers' tunnels).

We think that those Gazan entrepreneurs may have nicked the idea from a graphic of ours (see here) a few years back; but don't worry we won't sue - all our stuff's Copyleft.

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