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Crap Arrest of the Week

For being out-standing in his field...

As part of Surrey Police’s harassment of hunt saboteurs (see Sab Land Rover Seized), one sab managed to get himself arrested for the heinous crime of standing in a field. As the Old Surrey and Burstow hunt was disappearing on horseback into the distance a handful of sabs were watching from a footpath. The heroic upholders of law and order were in hot pursuit and, having decided that one of them had drifted a few feet off the path, made an immediate arrest.

Despite the fact that the hunt was over 100 yards away and headed in the opposite direction, police eventually decided to charge him with aggravated trespass and (of course) impose bail conditions banning him from contacting any hunt saboteur, before giving him a phone to call a uh, hunt sab to come collect him from the station.

Job well done boys.

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