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SchNEWS 568, 10th Nov, 2006
Goin' Under Last weekend was the International Day of Action Against Climate Change. Some of the biggest protests were in Australia where climate change is already painfully apparent. Also Israel's new boot boy, a Faslane update and more.

SchNEWS 567, 3rd November, 2006 TACO HELL
3,500 police backed by armoured vehicles and helicopters retook control of the Mexican city of Oaxaca on Sunday (29th) following five months of occupation by striking teachers and other activists. Also camping carry-on, pagan party poopers and more.

SchNEWS 566, 27th October, 2006 Hamas-ive Attack An update on the situation in the occupied territories of Palestine where the people suffer from the consequences of The Wests sanctions as well as the ongoing Israeli military presence. Also Hungary, Starbucks, Brian Haw and more.

SchNEWS 565, 20th October, 2006 Loch Around The Clock Faslane 365 gets off to a running start with lots of fun and games, notching up 76 arrests in 19 days. Also the effects of clearing peat lands for palm oil plantations on climate change, new opressive laws on UK and USA, gentrification continues in London and more.

SchNEWS 564, 13th October, 2006
SchNEWS digs the dirt on resistance to the GM / Biotech takeover. Also massive over policing of Parliament Square protest, anti Shell protests spread, asylum seekers homes raided by police and more.

SchNEWS 563, 6th October, 2006
I Did It My Zimbabwe Workers’ resistance in Zimbabwe has been on the rise recently, with street demos, trade union action and new forms of resistance such as the ‘Uhuru Street Soccer Battles’. Also Burma, SPEAK, SOCPA and Tesco news.

SchNEWS 562, 29th Sept, 2006
Making A Bomb Some detailed information on exactly who is benefiting from what the US administration is now calling The Long War. Also news on Faslane, Nestlé, Titnore and more.

SchNEWS 561, 22nd Sept, 2006
Dial M For Malignant - Evidence backing up the theory that mobile phone use is as damaging to health as smoking builds up while the government and big business carries on as usual. Also Aborigines win land rights in Australia, Alcoa face protests in Trinidad and more.

SchNEWS 560, 15th Sep, 2006
GATES-CRASHERS - SchNEWS gingerly dips a toe into the world of Linux, 'Free Open Source Software, Copyleft and the new world of information being built. Plus the return of the Ilisu Dam, Hunt Sabs have charges dismissed, Brian Hawe and more...

SchNEWS 559,
8th Sep, 2006

SchNEWS gingerly dips a toe into the murky waters of the great 9-11 debate with the US government’s official version of events on one side and all proponents of various ‘conspiracy’ theories on the other.

SchNEWS 558,
1st Sep, 2006

RAVE NEW WORLD? As riot cops smash a rave in Essex, plus Camp For Climate Action report, Titnore Woods eviction alert, Antwerp Airport expansion protests, and more...

SchNEWS 557, 25th August, 2006
READY? CHARGE! - surviving the day after tomorrow: As climate chaos and peak oil become more real every day we take a look at what we can actually do about it. Also more GM shenanigans, more EDO protests and more.

SchNEWS 556, 18th August, 2006
ON THE FIDEL - Battle for the future of Cuba after Castro As Cubans are warned that Fidel Castro may not have long to live exiles in Miami and other right wing forces plan their route back power in Cuba. Also peace camp news, workers riot in China, Coke booted out of (some of) India and more.

SchNEWS 555, 28th July, 2006
AXIS OF OIL The Western Powers That Be stand idly by and watch the slaughter of civilians in Lebanon while, coincidentally, shoring up their power in the region by allowing Israel to expand. Also cycle activists take to the road, Iceland dam protests continue, GM is back on the cards and more.

SchNEWS 553-554, 2nd August, 2006
WING & A PRAYER Air travel is the fastest growing cause of greenhouse emissions - yet Britain is about to massively expand its airports... Plus victory for Pitstop Ploughshares, companies making a buck out of climate change, protests in Bulgaria against gold mines, and more.

SchNEWS 552,
21st July, 2006

GUNS AND MOSES Israel's Chief of Staff promises to "turn back the clock in Lebanon by 20 years.” the civillian death toll rises but what's Israel's long term plan? Also anti EDO actions continue in Brighton, Jean Charlez de Menezes murder goes unprosecuted and more.

SchNEWS 551, 14th July, 2006
BI-POLAR DISORDER During the G8 Summit in Russia, SchNEWS looks at the geopolitical shifts around energy supplies at the centre of the discussions, plus the protests in St Petersburg and more

SchNEWS 550,
7th July, 2006

REVOLTING We've made it to issue 550 so here's our state of the indig-nation address. Also details of various direct action groups you can get involved, news of anti war actions and more.

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In Wales this week protesters have squatted a construction site for a monster natural gas pipeline near the village of Trebanos. All work was stopped and, at the time of writing (Thursday), the demonstrators remain and no work has taken place. Better still they’ve been welcomed by the landowner whose fields the pipeline was being built through! Ira Wynne Jones says she gave the National Grid permission to build, but now feels that she was tricked into it. Ira says she was told it would be a small operation, like the mains pipe she previously had run through her land. In fact it turned out to be 4 feet in diameter, and the building operation leaves a swathe of destruction the width of a motorway. The pipeline goes all the way from Milford Haven to Tirley in Gloucestershire – 120 miles of destruction! One section cuts through the Brecon Beacons national park.

The DTI reckons that the UK currently needs gas for about 40% of its energy needs and claim that the pipeline, which will cost £700 million, is necessary to cope with increasing national demand for natural gas. But protesters argue that the money should be spent on renewables and increasing energy efficiency. The recent Stern report points out that gas distribution is the single most carbon intensive sector of the economy and accounts for a huge proportion of our emissions. Just to keep things stable we need a 90% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030, but creating the infrastructure for continued fossil fuel dependency goes in exactly the opposite direction.

As well as being an ecological dead-end, the pipeline has also steamrollered over communities. The consultation process was a joke. 3 cm square adverts were placed in local newspapers. Less observant locals who missed the ads often found out only when the diggers started arriving at the bottom of their gardens. Safety concerns have been ignored. The pipeline is at mega-pressure, and a leak would be catastrophic. The area around Trebanos is prone to land-slip, and it is so unstable that villagers are not allowed to have mains gas supplied! Locals fear another industry induced disaster like the one 30 years ago at nearby Aberfan, when a landslide buried a school full of children and 144 perished.

Protesters arrived on Sunday and were put up in a tumbledown barn in a customary welsh drizzle. At 5 am on Monday they stormed the site before workers arrived and climbed up cranes, stood on top of machinery and even went into the pipeline itself, posting Section 6 notices around the place, in order to claim squatter’s rights. For the whole day the site was occupied, work was prevented and several protesters spent the night in the pipeline. Local supporters came to the barnyard camp, bringing beer, food and even a large white sofa to put next to the fire. All gratefully received!

The police initially treated the matter as a civil dispute, and claimed they were just there to ensure everyone’s safety and stop any crimes being committed. Which made everyone feel very safe indeed. But then on Tuesday cops decided to threaten the landowner with a £60,000 fine and arrest unless she agreed to write a letter demanding that the protesters should leave the building site. Facing such a threat Ira agreed, but stressed that she continues to welcome protesters who want to stay at the campsite on her land. The protesters immediately sent out a press release declaring their intent to stay.


Cops then announced that they’d be evicting the building site at 8 am Wednesday morning. They didn’t manage it though. Maybe they were put off by the mud, or maybe the thought of dragging protesters out of a 300 metre-long section of pipe buried in a hillside just didn’t float their boat. Either way, the demonstrators are still there and more are expected to arrive on the weekend.

More people are needed immediately!

Work can only go on for a few more weeks before winter weather makes construction of the pipeline impossible. And opposition to the pipeline is emerging all along its 120 mile length. Starting at Milford Haven, where two massive terminals will receive the gas in massive supertankers, a group called Safe Haven campaigns against the development, recently launching a legal challenge to the development. When activists heard about the camp at Trebanos, they were inspired to go and set up their own camp near Milford Haven early on Thursday morning. They’ve pitched a tent on a public footpath, which runs right through a half-finished section of pipeline. Because they are on public land, police have so far been powerless to act against them, and work has had to stop there too!

They want more people who are up for coming and spending time at the camp, and especially people who can spend a night there, so they can have a well-deserved rest. The Milford Haven camp contact is 07752 698489.

* For directions to the campsite near Trebanos from Cardiff check out:

* Press contact at Trebanos, and general information line is (Jan on) 07973 619183

* One local man drives back from work in Cardiff at 5pm every day and is happy to give lifts to anyone heading up there. His number is 07973 619183.

* To keep informed about what is going on at the two camps now, keep an eye on Indymedia in coming weeks. Or better still go down there and see with your own eyes!

Crap Arrest Of The Week

For trying to uphold the law...

The fox hunting season is back on, despite being illegal since the Hunting Act 2004. Last week on the Heaselands Estate in West Sussex, the Crawley & Horsham Hunt were illegally digging out a badger sett which the desperate fox had run into. After hunt monitors called the police, they in turn called the RSPCA due to the presence of badgers, but when the hunt monitors approached to enquire why the Hunt weren’t all being nicked – they themselves were nicked – to ‘Prevent a Breach of the Peace’. They were released two hours later without charge, while the fox was eventually dug out and shot. For more see


The Kebele social centre in Easton, Bristol, began as a squatted centre in the mid-nineties, successfully resisting eviction (See SchNEWS 176) and was then purchased and turned into a housing co-op and ‘kulture project’. This year the mortgage was paid off, and the volunteer-run centre has been re-energised and is calling out for more people to get involved. Kebele runs its Sunday vegan cafes every week, plus bike workshops, an infoshop, free library, films showings, activist meetings... for listings of events (see Currently help is also needed to help with major roof repairs, and revamping the cafe space. If your campaign/group wants to meet there, or you are up for helping drop in at 14 Robertson Rd, Easton, Bristol, BS5 6JY, tel 0117 939 9469

* Kebele is celebrating its 11th birthday party on 8th December with bands, dj’s, cabaret and cafe at the Black Swan, Stapleton Rd, Easton, 10pm-late, £5.

** Bristle Issue 23 is out! Bristol’s quality quarterly anarchist magazine has a new issue out, with a theme this time of ‘Nationalism & Identity’. Visit to see where it’s distributed around Bristol, or get yours by sending a cheque for £1.50 payable to ‘Bristle’ to Kebele’s address (see above).

SchNEWS 12th Birthday Party
Thurs 7th Dec, at The Church, Dyke Rd, Brighton, SchMOVIES from 9pm & two floors of DJ’s til late. £3 - no guest list cos we’re skint.


The eleventh anniversary of Ken Saro Wiwa’s death (See SchNEWS 49) was marked with a series of protests around the world. Shell stations were blockaded across the UK, as demonstrators forced both Big Oil and the public to wake up to the environmental costs being paid for cheap oil. Garages in London, Edinburgh, Reading, Newcastle were all blockaded, and a noisy protest was held outside the Shell sponsored ‘Wildlife photographer of the year’ exhibition in London’s Natural History Museum.

However, when protesters in Nottingham blockaded Shell, one motorist was particularly unsympathetic to the demonstrators’ cause. In an impromptu solidarity action (unfortunately with Shell), and displaying a similar attitude as the oil merchants in Nigeria, he decided that if an environmental campaigner stood between him and his petrol addiction, then what was needed was a little ‘violent direct action’ of his own. Obviously desperate to burn more fuel in his 4x4, he deliberately ran over a protester, accelerating into him and knocking him down, driving over his leg. When confronted, he got an iron bar from his car and began threatening protesters, saying (stupidly enough in front of a video camera) “Bring him back here, I’ll drive over him again.”

As the protester was being taken to hospital with serious crush injuries, police turned up. Acting with a restraint surprising to demonstrators, they didn’t arrest the assailant or confiscate either of his weapons of assault. Instead they took the drivers details and said that they would deal with it in due course. To date, he has not been charged with any crime.

Meanwhile actions against Shell continue worldwide. In Nigeria, a country which continues to bear the brunt of Shell’s scorched earth policies toward oil extraction, affected locals have upped the ante in their fight. Having already been subject to attacks and invasions by locals and armed militants, as well as kidnappings of foreign oil workers, a Royal Dutch Shell logistics base in Nun River, Bayelsa, was attacked by armed militants in speedboats on Wednesday. Although the attack was repelled by the Nigerian military, there is an ominous sense that this oil rich region of West Africa may become the ‘new Middle East’.

As climate scientists are becoming increasingly panicky, warning us that we may already be passed the point of no return, political chaos and instability continues to follow the control of oil. The solution seems obvious to anyone who can see beyond the profits of the next financial quarter. Rather than pump more and more of the black stuff year on year to satisfy global capital, we need to cut back on our reckless consumption and switch to known usable and sustainable alternatives – er, hang on a minute, I think we might have said this before...

* The Rossport campaign against Shell in Ireland continues (See SchNEWS 564)


How do you fancy being forced to join the army? Submitting yourself to an strict bullying authoritarian regime of control you can’t so much as raise an eyebrow at, let alone question, and be forced to use extreme violence against people you don’t know, for reasons you don’t believe? No?! That would make you a conscientious objector, like Mehmet Tarhan from Turkey who was imprisoned following his arrest in April of last year (See SchNEWS 523). The gay anarchist (you can just imagine how well that goes down in Turkey) was released this March after an appeal court overturned his conviction, on the grounds that any likely sentence would be less than he had already served. But the military had other ideas. Their cunning argument is that as he was obliged to repeat his refusals to join the killing machine, he can now effectively be tried repeatedly for the same offence!

Despite a bit of tough finger wagging from the UN and European Court of Human Rights over previous cases such as that of Osman Murat Ülke, the prosecution goes on. Last month the Sivas Military Court sentenced Mehmet to 10 months for “insistent insubordination in front of his unit” on 10 April 2005, and to 18 months for a further act of disobedience two months later. Mehmet, however, did not remain to be convinced that he’d get an impartial trail with the military playing judge, jury and prosecutor and no-showed. Now he faces additional charges for being a ‘deserter’! Mehmet’s case is not unique and War Resistors International are asking for calls and letters of protests – more details at

* 1st December marks international Prisoners For Peace Day. This year’s theme is supporting peace and human rights in Russia, particularly topical following the the recent murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya and the de-registration of many foreign NGOs in the country. See for more.

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Party & Protest

  • NOVEMBER 18 - Day of Action for Primates. Around 10,000 primates are experimented on across Europe each year, a third in British labs. There is a national call-out from Animal Aid for actions and stalls to raise awareness. Email or see
  • 19 - The Advisory Service for Squatters are looking for more volunteers and is putting on a basic legal training day and giving advice. 2-5pm at ASS, Angel Alley, 84b Whitechapel High Street, London E1 7QX. Phone 020 3216 0099, email web
  • 22 - Protest against Caterpillar’s complicity in Israeli war crimes. 5.30pm at Grosvenor Hotel, London, as Caterpillar’s Vice President comes to town. For more email
  • 23rd - marks the 2000th day (and night!) of Brian Haw’s vigil outside parliament (See SchNEWS 566). Show ‘im you care by gathering from 5.30 - 7.30pm to mark his extraordinary achievements. For more, or to donate see
  • 24 - Mauritian Embassy Demo against the country’s primate trade, where monkeys are farmed or caught in Mauritius to die in UK vivisection labs. Meet 11am Gloucester Rd Tube Station, London. Call 0845 337 2964, email
  • 25 - Buy Nothing Day
  • 25 - Defy-ID National Gathering, Sumac Centre, Nottingham – to organise resistance to ID Cards and the National ID Register. From 11am onwards. Food and accommodation – but email before.
  • 26 - Anniversary demo at Campsfield Refugees Detention Centre. Close All 174 Detention Centres No Fortress Europe! At Campsfield IRC main gates, Langford Lane, Kidlington, Oxford. 12pm – 2pm. For more info email tel 07791 744260
  • 26 - Bilston Glen Protest Camp free cafe. 7 miles south of Edinburgh. Free food and tea from 12pm, plus cinema and info-stall. For map and info see Site mobile - 07753 280009
  • STOP PRESS Joseph Harris, the first medical researcher to be convicted under new SOCPA laws (see SchNEWS 565) has been moved to HMP Lewes (write to prisoner no. TN5728). The cancer research scientist was nicked for campaigning against suppliers to Huntington Life Sciences. See

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Ever since African countries gained their independence, the West has been struggling to find ways to keep the profits rolling. In the good old days it was so much easier to plunder! Outfits like the WTO (Western Take-over Organisation) have been busier than ever opening up those markets, so when Hanniford Schmidt from the WTO offered to give a lecture on “full private stewardry of labour” – profit-hungry business types flocked to this week’s Wharton Africa Business Forum shindig in Philadelphia to listen.

He explained how successfully transport, power, water, traditional knowledge, and even the human genome have all made the move towards corporate ownership, so why not workers? Corporations are only interested in their employees’ productivity during working hours, but if they were to completely own them, it would be more profitable to provide healthcare and support 24/7, to keep them productive for the longer. Free trade is, he said, “about the freedom to buy and sell anything - even people.”

As Schmidt admitted that this idea was tantamount to slavery - but at least it was compassionate slavery! - delegates listened intently and appreciatively for 75 minutes to the capitalist wet dream, without realising it was also a total blag.

Having gained notoriety for posing as officials from the real World Trade Organisation and giving lectures on a range of topics, such as the recycling of human waste into burgers for the poor, the Yes Men had struck again! “Small-time criminals impersonate honest people in order to steal their money” say the activists, “And honest people impersonate big-time criminals in order to publicly humiliate them!” Lots more at

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The National Union of Journalists is calling for a complete boycott of all Yahoo! products and services in protest at its repeated collusion with the Chinese authorities. Yahoo provided info to the Chinese authorities that helped identify and prosecute several journalists and activist writers. Shi Tao was sentenced to 10 years in prison for forwarding a government email to the foreign press and the conviction was only possible because Yahoo was so ready and willing to trade any ethical or moral considerations for ‘access to markets’ and juicy extra profits. For more see

* Why not try Scroogle - the not-for-profit site that strips Google or Yahoo (your choice!) of all the ads and commercial hits, and returns only nourishing, information-laden weblinks for you and keeps your identify anonymous. Cast a fresh net at

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...and finally...

Proving that they don’t make ‘em like they used to, there’s been shock in Europe recently as Euro bank notes have been literally been disintegrating in peoples hands. Talk about a crumbling currency. Quick to deny shoddy workmanship, German police pointed the finger at the obvious culprits: crystal meth snorters. Apparently, sulphates used in the production of the drug can form sulphuric acid when mixed with human sweat, they say, causing banknotes to corrode (That’s right, blame the druggies again!)

Given the love of the money-hungry for full-ego-boosting uppers (presumably to keep them smashed and numb to any guilt arising from a sober examination of their pointless, empty lives), and with any number of published reports showing around 90% of notes are already contaminated with cocaine, the authorities had better start get the boffins working on some sniff-resistant moolah!


SchNEWS advises all readers that the valleys are alive... with the sound of direct action. Honest!


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