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It seems that even students are in the firing line when in comes to censorship in UK plc. In an unprecedented lack of concern for freedom of expression and academic inquiry, Southampton University has collaborated with Hampshire constabulary in banning On the Verge, the Smash EDO campaign film from being shown on campus. The film was due to be screened on May 2nd, hosted by student group Green Action. But they were forced to cancel after pressure from staff members in the student union, one of whom told them:

Please be assured that my involvement has been instigated by external authorities and, while my primary role is to look after and safeguard the interests of the Students’ Union, I am also concerned that you, your colleagues and your society do not fall foul of legislation.” The students did not feel able to face down this pressure, telling SchNEWS: “We are very disappointed to have had to cancel our showing of ‘On The Verge’ the circumstances, we feel that we have no other option but hope to put on an alternative showing in the near future.”

This of course is just the latest episode in the story of the fi lm they are trying to ban as On the Verge has faced harassment and censorship since its ill-fated premiere (see SchNEWS 625).

However, we are not encouraging anyone to contact George Clegg (Tel: 023 8059 5215, the staff member so keen to suppress freedom of academic thought to ask him what action he will be taking against all the other unlicensed fi lms that are undoubtedly regularly shown on the campus, or why he ignored the clause of the licensing act that states that any fi lm is exempt from certifi cation if its purpose is for information, education or instruction.

Smash EDO UK Tour Upcoming Dates 5th - Cambridge, The Locomotive, Mill Rd, 7.30pm 7th – Hastings, The Rooms, Western Rd, 8pm

8th – Birmingham, The Rainbow Pub, Digbeth, 7.30pm

** For more see * After a torrent of interest: search for ‘On the Verge’ on yer favourite bit torrent engine from next week...





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