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Z-list celeb and fox hunt scumbag Otis Ferry is up in court. On 7th May he visits Cheltenham Magistrates Court for assaulting two female hunt monitors (not hunt saboteurs as the mainstream press reported) and stealing their video camera. In a rare instance of police taking action against the hunters who attack anti-hunt protesters, he was arrested the day after attacking the two hunt monitors for having the cheek to film him on the Heythrop Hunt. Otis attacked one of the women by trying to pull her out of her car by the arm, stole the video camera and tried to forcibly remove the keys to the car.

By rights they should be throwing the book at him of course, but Otis has a history of being rather tefl on-coated as far the law goes. In February he was cleared of criminal damage after successfully snatching the car keys of two tabloidistas to stop them from snapping his paparazzi-whore girlfriend Sienna Miller (if he doesn’t like the fast life he shouldn’t be riding the starlet-express?).

Ferry also previously got a mere caution for invading the Houses of Parliament, and amazingly managed to keep his driving license after being caught sky high over the drink-drive limit. He did this by claiming his mates had bought him treble vodkas when he thought they were only singles! Well that’s ok then! Remember, it’s one rule for them and we wouldn’t recommended any non-elite SchNEWS readers try this Ferry tale in similar circumstances...



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