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For Sean McGowen's poor diction...

In yet another contender for 'most blatant misuse of a local bye-law' award, longtime peace campaigner Glenn Williams was nicked outside Brighton arms factory EDO-MBM/ITT on Wednesday.

The protesters had gathered to hold a 'Musical Demo', making sure they kept in line with a recent ruling at Brighton Magistrates Court that political or protest songs are not banned under the anti-noise byelaw. The demo djs had barely got started on their extensive collection of political tunes before another 'anonymous complaint' (from EDO's director). Twenty-five tooled-up coppers swiftly marched in and ordered the sound system off.

Glenn refused, patiently explaining to the pig-ignorant pigs that the song being complained at, the Pogues' And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda, was a song that highlighted the horrors of the First World War. Claiming that they couldn't make out the lyrics, the cops then arrested him.

Regular EDO'er Glenn said, "I've been bailed not to go to Home Farm Road. I'm devastated that after going to protests almost every week for over four years I now have been arrested and will possibly be jailed just for playing protest songs. Does Brighton Council really want to suppress free speech so much?" Er, quite possibly Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah...

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