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Last weekend saw the BNP's 'Racists,Whites But No Blacks Festival'.

The Saturday (16th) was a day of demos as United Against Fascism (UAF - a Trot front group) held a poxy march through the streets of nearby Heanor, heading towards the festival, after which 30 odd managed to demonstrate outside the entrance. ANTIFA had their own response, managing to bring together a group of around 80, all masked up in black and ready to go.

The demo took a trip through woodland near the festival site - only attracting a police helicopter towards the end - and the group blockaded the junction at Condor Lane, the road to the festival. As riot police, FIT Team and police dogs turned up and started attacking, the anti-fascists fled back into the fields followed by riot police and one obliging nutcase local farmer. Mr Sewell of George Farm went postal and drove at protesters in his tractor, as well as attempting to block them escaping riot police with dogs.

Battles ensued as the group headed across the fields followed by riot cops and dogs, sending a volley of ammunition back in their direction (though some protester were caught in friendly-fire thrown from the rear). 33 were arrested for such things as breach of bail and Section 2 (violent disorder) of the Public Order Act. Also it's been reported that some kids were up for the action as they came out of their home with their mum - all in balaclavas - cheering ANTIFA on.

Unfortunately the anti-Red, White & Blue Festival demo has hardly been reported in the main media or even activist media - however the UAF are obviously claiming their 400 strong march and rally a success and are glad to rid the world of the evil BNP for once and for all.

One masked-up bloc'ie told us "it was definitely empowering to see people from all around the country come and take part in trying to disrupt the facist BNP. Keep your eye out in SchNEWS and Indymedia, you might notice more and more mass direct action is taking place on our streets. Black is coming back in style".

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