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Wednesday’s (28th) Halloween Zombie Horror themed EDO demo ‘The Night of the Living War Dead’ turned out to be the longest noise demo yet. It was the annual halloween special, with zombies lurching outside the factory from 4pm. By 6pm, the police and workers inside the factory were checking their watches, asking each other ‘Isn’t this thing meant to finish at 6pm?’ However the 40 or so war undead continued their spooking. They were angry their lives had been cut short by bombing, and wanted to make sure the arms dealers got the message. By 6.30pm, workers kept looking out the window, hoping the demo was over so they could make a dash for it. Soon after, the cops apparently had better things to do, and left. After that the gates were rattled tirelessly by the war victims and the last few workers got the fright of their lives as their cars were chased by around fifteen bloody victims.

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Other Halloween Actions on October 31st:

* Anti-war protest - Called by Bristol EDO Decommissioners to highlight ongoing deaths in Afghanistan, Iraq, Gaza, Pakistan etc, and the role of arms companies in this, as well as giving solidarity to the EDO Decommissioners. Meet 2pm, by fountains opposite Hippodrome in Bristol city centre

* National demo at Novartis, who use vivisection lab HLS. Meet 12 noon at Horsham Park, behind the leisure centre, Horsham, West Sussex, marching through Horsham to Novartis. 0845 458 0630

* Protest against the ghoulish vivisection industry at the Sequani Labs, Bromyard Rd, Ledbury, Hereford, where they do pharmaceutical tests on animals. 3pm to late – dress for halloween.


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