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Late SchMEWS: They may have got the cream but the fat cats at Goldman Sachs aren’t leaving everyone purring.

After clawing back bumper profits - partly thanks to the guargantuan tax-payer bailouts propping up the the system they’d brought within a whisker of collapse - they are now at last being hauled over the coals and mauled for... er, being mean to a bunch of homeless kittens.

After 5 loveable little moggies were discovered on the construction site of their new $1.6bn swanky HQ (subsidised in part with ‘Liberty’ tax-free bonds handed out following 9/11), they generously agreed to cough up vets and care bills for the down’n’out felines. Well they didn’t want to look heartless, did they?

But it seems that with their eyes too fixed on their $23bn bonus pot, they’ve strayed from their PR promises and failed to pick up the tab(by) - leading to a local paper rubbing their nose in it, and denouncing their corrupt greedy Wall St ways.

A clear case of ‘Pay up, reform the global economy or the kitten gets it...’


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