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* Sat 24th London Stop the War March. About 10-15,000, well-meaning souls joined the jamboree from across the UK with placards such as ‘Silence is Shame’ and ‘The People want Peace’. Hardcore. ‘Orators’ Gallowtwat, Mr Benn and some theatre types shared their wisdom on bringing peace to all on earth. No arrests were reported, not even for noise pollution.

* New issue of the Hereford Heckler is out with news of a demo on the 13th November about a local development, plus tales of blood-thirsty Hooray Henry fox hunters and job-slashing Bulmers. See

* After a resounding defeat the week before in Swansea (See SchNEWS 696), the Welsh chapter of the far-right English Defence League - the WDL - failed to show up last Saturday (24th) in Newport. A multi-ethnic crowd of around 350 anti-fascists were there anyway, ready and willing to take them on. See


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