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Hunters continue to flout the law on hunting with dogs, and sabs continue to get in their way every week.

On Tuesday 25th October a hound from the Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt was hit and killed by a lorry on the A34. The pack was illegally pursuing a fox when it attempted to cross the road, sabs managed to prevent further accidents. The hunt have since accused the saboteurs of causing the death. In case there was any doubt that it was the hunt who were guilty of recklessly endangering their dogs, they repeated the same trick of losing control of the pack on a busy road, this time caught on film by hunt monitors (

On Saturday 5th November the Old Surrey, Burstow & West Kent Fox Hunt was sabbed by a number of different groups. The Burstow has a bit of a reputation for violence and last weekend was no exception. Frustrated hunt supporters attempted to block a narrow bridge that sabs were crossing, other supporters came from behind and one sab was pulled off the bridge and cracked her head on a concrete slab. Police were in attendance and have been given footage of the incident.

The more numbers in the field, the less violence gets inflicted on both foxes and sabs. To find your local sab group and get involved check


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