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Bilston Woods, near Edinburgh, Scotland.

This camp was set up in June 2002 after work started on a roundabout that is part of a bypass that will destroy part of this SSSI. The woods contains many mature trees and a medieval bridge and tower.
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Park Nook, Liverpool

Planning permission to build luxury flats on Park Nook has been granted following a 3 year legal battle to give the area 'town green' status. Chainsaw men started to cut down trees in early May until the site was re-occupied by people opposed to the destruction. The site is now squatted under section 6 with a camp and has 24 hour presence. There are still a couple of treehouses left and plenty of trees to build other treehouses. People are building other defences including lock-ons. An eviction is imminent and people are needed now and especially during eviction to defend this space otherwise it will be lost 0780 3609721

Faslane Peace Camp

The Camp celebrated its 20th birthday in June. This permanent camp has over 20 residents from Scotland, England, Wales, Finland, Belgium, Canada and the Netherlands with visitors from around the world stopping by to stay for a few days or weeks at a time. There are 11 Caravans, a Bus, a Tepee, a Bender, a Tree House and various sheds and self-built structures. The purpose of the camp is to oppose nuclear weapons and to live an alternative lifestyle to that of the mass of British society. Britain's nuclear weapons system is 'Trident' four submarines with nuclear warhead missiles based at Faslane Naval Base.

Directions: The Peace Camp is on the east verge of the A814 road, which leads to HMNB Clyde and beyond. FPC is therefore visible to all traffic coming towards the base from the direction of Helensburgh. The camp is about 30 miles west of Glasgow, by the Gareloch, a river Clyde estuary sea loch. Faslane Naval base is on the Gareloch. Contact: 01436 820901 or check out: www.faslanepeacecamp.com

Nine Ladies

For the last two years the nine ladies anti-quarry campaign has prevented the destruction of Stanton Moor hillside in the Peak District National Park.
The holders of the area (now Marshalla PFC) wish to destroy over 50 acres of land to extract gritstone. A company meeting to discuss work plans has been rescheduled to the end of March. This (probably) means that an eviction is not imminent, which gives you time to get involved in and support the campaign.
Following a history of destructive quarrying, the hillside of Stanton Moor has now become a regenerated woodland and is a haven of fallow deer, badgers, bats and plants. There are also natural springs that supply water to the local village. If the proposed quarry is allowed to go ahead, this would have a disasterous impact on the area. It would destroy wildlife habitats and the setting of the Nine Ladies Stone circle. Increased lorry traffic would raise noise and pollution levels. The plans would have a detrimental effect on visitors and tourism. Wish list: Building materials (and building people), including Tarps/beams/doors/boards/scaffolding/
ballast/sand/re-bar/pallets. Tools: box saws/axes/nails etc. Food: Vegan and non-vegan and cans for stash. Tel: 07974 049369 web: www.nineladies.uklinux.net

Fylingdales Star Peace Camp, North York Moors

The Star Peace Camp is a new permanent peace camp outside Fylingdales spy base, in the North York Moors. If the US have their way the base have their way will soon play an important part in the thier National Missile Defence policy also known as 'Star Wars'. The camp is based at Ellerbeck to the east of the main entrance. People are welcome to visit or stay, but must come self-sufficient. More info from Yorkshire CND 01274 730795 or cndyorks@gn.apc.org

Menwith Hill Women's Peace Camp, Near Harrogate, North Yorkshire

The Women's camp at Menwith Hill, near Harrogate North Yorkshire, a US base spy base is still going despite an injunction against anyone camping there. More women are urgently needed to camp or visit. Camp location: Ellerbeck Bridge on A169 (down the hill east of Fylingdales' Main Gate access road).
Buses: X40 or 840 to Whitby from Leeds via York pass the camp.
Support for the campaign to WoMenwith Hill Women's Peace Camp, P.O. Box 105, Harrogate. HG3 2FE. Please make cheques payable to 'WoMenwith Hill Women'. More info from Yorkshire CND 01274 730795 or cndyorks@gn.apc.org

Munlochy GM Vigil, Ross-Shire, Scotland

The camp was set up in August 2001 to oppose the growing of genetically modified oil seed rape, and became the focus for the campaign for a GM free Scotland. A substantial amount of the GM crops were damaged. The camp has now finished, but the campaign group is going from strength to strength. For the lalest contact 0781 330 7337 jacko@roskill.fsnet.co.uk or munlochyvigil@tiscali.co.uk. www.munlochygmvigil.org.uk

Titnore woods, Worthing

Angry local people are gearing up for a massive campaign of resistance against plans to wreck the countryside around Titnore Lane in Durrington. Protect Our Woodland (POW!) explained the problem " Titnore and goring are one of only two ancient woodland complexes surviving on the coastal plain of Sussex and the other one (Binstead woods at Arundel) is also threatened by development, from the proposed A27 bypass. This woodland shows how our all downland woods would have looked 200 years ago, before the age of regimented plantations." POW can be contacted at pow@worthingA27.freeserve.co.uk c/o PO BOX 4144, Worthing BN14 7NZ.

Lappersfort, Brugge, Belgium

Since 18th August 2001 a protest site with tree houses has been set up to protect the Lappersfort area, a green oasis in the city, which will possibly be destroyed by the construction of a new motorway bypass and industrial zone. All help is welcome.

Directions The site is not hard to find: From Brugge train station, go right in the direction of the parking, follow the ring road. You will end up at a canal, go right on to the Vaartdijk, follow this for a while, on past 'Bombardier' corporation area, until you see the forest on your right, and a willow path. Follow that and you're there. Its a 15 minute walk. lappersfort@ziplip.com c/o PO Box 715, 8000 Brugge Belgium.
Site mobile 0032 494 59 14 67

Vallee D'Aspe, French Pyrenees

'La Goutte D'eau' has for 15 years co-ordinated actions against a motorway project there, whilst living in a alternative way, growing organic food, running a bar, etc. Eviction threatens from about 15 March, so people are needed urgently. see La Goutte D'eau for more details and contacts. Also Asperches campaign

Alvaston, Derbyshire

This camp has now finished - will post more when we find out more details. Contact 07812 434217 or 01332 727237 or site mobile: 0776 9534725 or email: dot@theadora.screaming.net

* Work on the Lamberhurst Bypass (on the border of Kent and Sussex) is due to begin in spring/summer 2002. Campaigners would welcome support in any form. Check out the website: www.lamberhurstbypass.com