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Some Important Dates For Indymedia

January 1994: Indigenous people and supporters take control of Chiapas region in southern Mexico as part of the Zapatista uprising which rejects Mexican government controls and US interference. A new movement is born which utilises the Internet in an unprecedented manner as part of an attempt to internationalise their struggle

May 1998: Thousands of protesters from around the world converge on Geneva, Switzerland having organised one of the first and most effective global days of action; The web is highlighted as the principle tool of international communcation

June 1999: Across the world people occupy financial centres in an effort to draw attention to the role played by banks in creating world poverty. London's financial heart - The City - is besieged with protesters who organise a flow of information direct from the streets to a web-uploading facility in the south of the capital. It is little known that J18 Sydney sewed the seeds for IndyMedia. Sydney based Catalyst created 'active' websites [] based on a open publishing system. Their code is now used by the majority of Indymedia sites.

November 1999: People from across the world converge on Seattle, USA to shut down the World Trade Organisation (WTO). Indymedia makes its world debut with a full database-driven web presence and for the first time people can upload their reports from anywhere in the world; Indymedia website gets more hits than the CNN website for the duration of the WTO summit

May Day 2000: International demonstrations see mass protests from Sydney to London; Mexico City to Milan; Bombay to Buenos Aries. UK Indymedia is launched under the shadow of a mohicaned Winston Churchill amidst the chaos of the Guerrilla Gardening action in Parliament Square

September 2000: Thousands descend on Prague, Czech Republic to shut down the 55th annual general meeting of the World Bank and the International Monentary Fund (IMF).The international Indymedia network is bolstered as DIY media activists from across the globe meet face-to-face, often for the first time

April 2001: Indymedia networks in Canada follow protesters as they successfully breach security at the Summit of Americas conference in Quebec, Canada.

June 2001: Indymedia Sweden break the story when police in Gothenburg shoot and injure a demonstrator as thousands force their way into a business-dominated European Council meeting

July 2001: 300,000 people arrive in the Italian city of Genoa to protest against the G8 and the decisions it takes. World leaders from eight of the world's most powerful economies meet to a chorus of discontent; Protester Carlo Giuliani is shot dead. Indymedia Italy has its offices raided as police beat sleeping protesters

September 2001: New York Indymedia launches 911 - a humanist video exploring the contradictions in state and fundamentalist terrorism

November 2001: Indymedia Argentina reports live from the Latin American state as the economy and political system collapses after IMF-imposed austerity packages drive poverty stricken Argentinians to the point of starvation

March 2002: Indymedia Jerusalem is launched days before the brutal invasion of the Palestinian territory by the Israeli armed forces; Indymedia remains online throughout and provides a crucial line of information from the besieged state.

April 2002: Desert IndyMedia sets up in the back of a truck at the Woomera protest camp, Australia and provides incredible footage and photos of the break out of detained refugees.

There are now Indymedia groups in the following countries:

. Congo . Nigeria . South Africa . Zimbabwe . Argentina

. Brazil . Canada . Chiapas . Colombia . Mexico

. United States . Uruguay . Israel . India . Palestine

. Australia . New Zealand . Indonesia . Austria . Belgium

. Czech Republic . Finland . France . Germany . Greece

. Ireland . Italy . Netherland . Norway . Portugal

. Russia . Spain . Sweden . Switzerland . UK

. Wales

New IMC sites

. Bolivia

. Basque Country

. Tijuana