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For your perusal almost all the articles featured in the book 'SchNEWS Of The World'...

The articles are not in the order they appear in the book itself, but rather in 'categories'. Remember that these articles were put together based around the content of SchNEWS issues 301-350, covering the period April 2001 - April 2002, and therefore are not a 'rounded' set of articles in themselves.

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NEW - Satirical Material - featuring some of the spoofs, fake ads and satire produced in the SchNEWS office especially for this book.

'You Make Plans, We Make History' - SchNEWS of the World Editorial

Direct Actions, Campaign Reports and Protest Camps - UK
Faslane Peace Camp - a beginners guide and more
From Behind The Barricade - protest against a Sainsburys development in central Brigthon
For Peats Sake - stopping the peat bogs in Hatfield Moor, Yorkshire from being ruined by peat extraction.
Save Titnore Woods - ancient woodland in Sussex under threat
High Priority: Priory Park - community campaign to save park in Southend, Essex
Govan Hill Pool Protest - a community in Glasgow get together to save the local swimming pool from being closed.
Burning Issue - community protest in Crymlyn Burrows, South Wales against the building of an incinerator
Hackney Not 4 Sale - the campaign to fight the privatisation of a London borough
Rhythms of Resistance - samba group and stories of pink & silver action at mass demos like Prague and Barcelona
See also 'protest camps' in Party & Protest

Direct Actions, Campaign Reports and Protest Camps - international
Taking The Peso - Multi-page report about Argentina, and the events which caused the mass demonstrations culminating on the 19th December 2001.
Iraq Sanctions Busting Tour - western activists go to Iraq to look at the damage caused by the UN sanctions.
Sintelating - 1000 Spanish Telecom workers squat a central Madrid park against their dismissals after the company was privatised - a battle they win!
Bin Tax Victory. Residence in Cork, Ireland, fight against extra charges to collect their rubbish
Aussie Logging Roundup - brief reports of anti-logging camps in Victoria and Tasmania
Lappersfort Stays - protest camp to save wild land near Brugges in Belgium
Russia - Rumble On The Edge Of Europe - protest to stop a filthy rocket processing plant from being built
Russia - Blue Stream in the Black Sea - stopping an oil pipe - with dire environmental consequenses - going under the Black Sea
Palestine - Independent Sources In Palestine - indepth account of the resistance during a several month period to occupation by Israel in Palestine. This article draws only from the alternative media sources which these activists have been posting to - particularly Indymedia Jerusalem.

Anti-Capitalist Mass Demonstrations
Quebec FTAA 'Summit Of The Americas' April 20 2001 - reports from the demo including the analysis of tactics 'Diversity of Tactics', and the blow by blow account 'Coming Off The Fence'
The Gothenburg One - UK activist spends 8 months in prison after EU Summit demonstrations in Gothenburg, June 2001, where one protester was shot and nearly killed.
Genoa - Eyewitness Account. A full rundown of the three days of mass demonstration including the violent raid on the GSF school building
Genoa - A Death In The Family - but will it breathe new life into the movement? Flaco pauses to reflect after Genoa
The Dust Settles - and the organised left exposes itself as the fad-rebel wankers we always knew they were. Flaco looks at the state of play post 9-11 in the 'anti-capitalist movement', and the protests in New York against the WEF Forum, and the simultaneous World Social Forum 'counter conference' in Porte Alegre, Brasil, February 2002
Busting The EU In Brussels - report from the EU Summit in Brussels, December 2001
EU Summit - Barcelona 9-16 March 2002

The Globalised Capital Stitch-up
Down To The Waterline - a rundown of the privatisation horrors crippling South Africa
Plan Coca Cola - neo-liberalism has offical 'plans' for four Latin American countries - Colombia, Bolivia, Mexico and Brasil.
Four Steps To Heaven - interview with investigative journalist Greg Palast about the devious workings of the IMF in Argentina, Bush's involvement with Enron's exploitation of Argentina and more
After Argentina Who'll Be Next To Go? - The Zapatistas inspired round one of the anti-globalisation movement, John Jordan suggests that Argentina is pointing the way to round two.
States Of Unrest - report from over 30 countries in the global south about resistance to the impositions of the International Monetary Fund.
Congo - The Western Heart Of Darkness - a brief history of colonisation and war in Congo - all in the name of getting hold of the countries rich resources.

Indigenous Peoples' Struggles
Tribulations and Inspirations - report from the PGA Conference, Cochabamba, Bolivia, 19-22nd September 2001
Communiques from PGA Tour, a tour after the PGA conference through countries in western South America, visiting community activists and more along the way
Chile - Mapuche People Take Back Their Land - indigenous people in Chile fight neo-liberalism (surely not? - ed)
Native Resistance to Canada - the struggle of first nation groups for the land which has since been called 'Canada'.
Aboriginal Tent Embassy 30th Anniversary - the longest running protest camp in the world, in Australia's capital, Canberra.
International Indigenous Youth Conference - Phillipines, April 17-21 2002
Zimbabwe: The Elections Aside - an alternative snapshot of Zimbabwe

Post September 11
The Day The World Changed - the surreal experience of being at the DSEI Arms Fair protest on the day the towers came down
Aftermath. Initial thoughts (widely circulated at the time) by Adam Porter of Year Zero immediately post September 11
Capitalism's Final Solution - What Took It So Long? - Flaco's polemic thoughts during those first few days after 9-11
Fighting terrorism of all brands. Vandana Shiva reminds us of the terror the rest of the world faces every day - because of the IMF and globalised capital
RAWA: The people of Afghanistan have nothing to do with Osama and his Accomplices. Revolutionay Association of the Women of Afghanistan's statement post September 11 fearing the possibility of a military reaction by the US.
Cabal Rules U$A - the military opportunism of Bush and friends after 9-11
Pentagon Calls In Hollywoods Finest Brains - Hollywood comes to the Pentagon's rescue - again.
A Time to Question - London Muslem journalist Fareena Alam, who caused a stir on the BBC's Question Time on the 13th September, reflects on life for Mulsems in England after 9-11
Opportunism In The Face Of Tragedy - worldwide rundown of the way countries used the atmosphere of paranoia after 9-11 to introduce new so-called anti-terrorist legislation.

War In Afghanistan
Reshaping The World - The bombing of Afghanistan commences and Bush's New World Order clearly puts oil at a higher priority than people
When the dust settles on Afghanistan will it be full of depleted uranium? - there is a media silence about the use of depleted uranium bombs in the 'war'
Out Of The Frying Pan - a look at how the war has affected actual Afghanistani people - killing more innocent civilians than died on September 11, and making hundreds of thousands refugees. Getting rid of the Taliban has not helped whatsoever
RAWAs work continues in the midst of war - during the bombing RAWA continued to offer support, education and medical help to victims
All We Are Saying - a UK-focussed rundown of the anti-war movement which took flight after the 'war on terrorism' began.

Climate Change
Kyoto Protocol: Money To Burn - clearing the air about Kyoto
The Case Against Carbon Trading - from Rising Tide
Not Copping Out - protests against COP6 Climate talks in Bonn, July 2001
The Tide Is High - the Rising Tide summer tour in England 2001
Marrakesh Recess - COP 7 Climate talks in Morocco in November 2001

Asylum Seekers/No Borders
Noborder Camps 2001 - roundup of Noborder Camps worldwide, summer 2001
Welcome To The Free World - a letter from an asylum seeker Gabriel Nkwelle while in detention in England.
Escape From Woomera - protesters help asylum seekers escape from detention centre in central Australia, April 2002

Queeruption - an 'alternative queer gathering' for 5 days in March 2002 bringing together anarchist politics and gender issues.
Women Speak Out - a meeting for women interested in DIY politics, social and environmental issues, who came together in March 2002 at the Radical Dairy, London

Genetics - anti-GM
UK Genetics Actions Round Up - thanks to Genetics Update
Munlochy - Fighting for a GM-free Scotland
Worldwide GM Update - an expanded version of SchNEWS 346 frontpage 'Monster Munch Inc.'
Bayer Hazard - Bayer becomes the biggest GM company in Europe - has a campaign named after it!

Living Amongst The Trees - at the Steward Community Woodland, Devon
A Taste Of Freedom - squatted community centre Wroclaw, Poland
Radical Routes - UK network of independent co-operatives.
Radical Dairy - The movement moves in - London squatted community centre
OKasional Cafe - Manchester - shape-shifting group who occupy buildings in Manchester for life and culture.
Norwegian Hood - Squatting in Norway
CRAP/FRAP: Paris France's resistant and alternative collective
491 Gallery - art squat and community centre in East London
Taring Padi - artists in Djakarta, Indonesia squat their old art school for more fun and games
Ev'rybody Needs Good Neighbours - a Bristol community comes together to address the issue of anti-social people who the police refuse to deal with

Food Production
The Ralahine Legacy - Bioregional Food Production In The Modern World.
Digging For Victory - Tony Rebel Green looks at the renaissance of urban allotments to get away from the supermarket food stitch-up

Mayday Madness - Newspaper Hacks Make A Hash Of London Mayday 2001 - SchNEWS looks at the rubbish printed in newspapers leading up to the London Mayday demonstrations.
Raid On Italian Indymedia Centres - 20th February 2002 raids on a number of Italian social centres, with Burlesconi still putting the boots in after Genoa.
Some Important Dates For Indymedia - a brief history of Indymedia in its short but spectacular existence.

Animal Rights
SHAC - A Year In Review
SHAC - Kicking Corporations. How SHAC took the fight against Huntington Life Science onto the stock market
Locked Up For Being Too Successful - SHAC campaigner writes from inside prison

Mark Barnsley Is Free - after another year of campaigning, Mark was finally freed in June 2002.
Screening Injustice - the story of a British film about black deaths in custody, and the difficulties the producers have had showing it because of legal threats from police.

Looking Back...
Twyford Down +10 - recalling one of the protest camps which started it all
Claremont Road At This Juncture - an account of the No-M11 Link Road

Elections/So-called Democracy
Nobody Wins In Easton - people in Bristol reject the ballot box and put up their own candidate, Nora Nobody.
Democracy What Democracy? To be given the choice every four years of voting for two sets of career politicians whose politics are only shades apart is not 'democracy'.
Call This Apathy - direct action in Manchester on June 7th , General Election Day

Monopolise Resistance - update and thoughts on the SchNEWS pamphlet published in September 2001 about the rise of the Socialist Worker Party front group 'Globalise Resistance' in the so-called 'Anti-capitlaist movement'.
Substandard Safety - private company get go ahead to refit nuclear submarines - causing radioactive materials to flow into the River Tamar near Plymouth
Copyleft Hackers - the politics of keeping information free in the computer age, looking at 'copyleft', 'anti-copyright' and open source software such as Linux.