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Monopolise Resistance
The SWP try to hijack anti-war protests

Schnews published a pamphlet Monopolise Resistance - how Globalise Resistance would hijack revolt in early September last year, just before the attacks on New York and Washington. We published it in response to the Socialist Workers Party (SWP)'s sudden involvement in the anti-capitalist movement through its wholly-owned subsidiary Globalise Resistance. We warned that the Labour-voting-slogan-shouting-anti-direct-action politics of the SWP posed a real danger to the vitality and independence of the anti-capitalist movement. We also argued that we would only be able to stand up to this attack if we became better organised, more open to new people and more grounded in our communities. All this still stands, despite the attacks.

September 11th saw a monster that the US state had created come back to bite its maker. The gangsters who carried out the attacks on the Twin Towers and Pentagon were established, nurtured, pay-rolled, trained and supported by the US government, much like the death squads in South America and puppet regimes in south east Asia, installed to carry out its fight against 'world communism'. All this is denied of course, as the attack is used by the more powerful and heavily armed gangsters in the White House to launch a 'war against terrorism' that marks a significant escalation of the war that is constantly waged by the rich countries against the peoples of the majority of the world. War, racism, economic domination and, increasingly, the threat of nuclear first strikes against people the US or UK government don't like is on the agenda. Capitalism was never nice, but recently it has turned decidedly nastier.

The only response to this baring of capitalism's teeth is to broaden and deepen anti-capitalism. It's a sick system and, more than ever, people are questioning its existence - we should be building serious opposition to get rid of it altogether. Unfortunately, the problems we discussed in Monopolise Resistance have become even starker than before.

In Britain, where a Labour government sends troops to Afghanistan to turn rocks into rubble, the only reasonable response is to sabotage the war effort and support those attacked by it. Much activity has taken place - blockades of the British invasion force's HQ at Northwood, lock-ons at Downing Street, civil disobedience and occupations, sit-down protests. But at every turn the SWP has been there to calm things down and make it all acceptable to the Labour Party.

Since the start of the war against Afghanistan, the SWP has switched its resources from building Globalise Resistance to building another front organisation the Stop the War Coalition which they say ".unites Labour MPs, Asian community organisations and the Socialist Workers Party". As ever, their aim is to make an organisation acceptable to Labour Party members, not one that will effectively challenge the war-drive. Meetings of the coalition would refuse to discuss direct action, despite pleas from activists to do so. SWP stewards on a march organised by the coalition tried to get 600 people staging a sit-down protest in Whitehall to stand up and "go and listen to the speakers" - Labour MPs.

These aren't isolated examples - they flow from the SWP's view that there are millions of Labour Party members just gagging to join the SWP if they are argued with enough. As an internal instruction put it soon after the war against Afghanistan started,

"There are many people who are very critical of Bush and American imperialism's interventions and attacks over the last decade. We should go big on recruiting these people. We are likely to have long conversations with people over this but we could also get some very big sales".

So we can't do anything that might upset these potential recruits - even sit down protests are too hardcore for these 'revolutionaries'. In Dublin on Mayday - our day, for christ sake - Globalise Resistance even went as far as apologising to a trade union leader for getting heckled -

"Globalise Resistance regrets the inappropriate behaviour of some of its members on Mayday, and would like to assure you that most of those involved were not GR members. As you know we are a diverse group and some of our members have strong views concerning the trade union leadership. We would like you to know that the behaviour of these members does not reflect the views of Globalise Resistance as a group".

Hand in hand with this pathetic brown-nosing of pro-capitalist politicians goes the denial that it is possible to be involved in anti-capitalism without being in the SWP - or, at the very least, one of its many subsidiaries like Globalise Resistance or Stop The War Coalition. In order to portray themselves as revolutionary, they play down the day-in, day-out activities of thousands of anti-capitalists involved in campaigns, groups and collectives that have nothing to do with their sect.

Recently SWP leader Alex Callinicos described the fight against the Criminal Justice Bill in the mid 1990s as "reflect(ing) a broad anti-Tory consciousness that did not go beyond, for most of those involved, supporting the election of a Labour government". In fact, the thousands of people actively involved in that fight shut down motorways, occupied decaying buildings in order to turn them into community centres and faced arrest and imprisonment - all the time attacking all politicians, Labour or Tory, for their support of repressive laws. The SWP were not involved in any of this activity. Instead, the SWP were forcibly arguing with those involved in this direct action to "support the election of a Labour government".

Monopolise Resistance was an attempt to challenge this sort of hypocrisy. The SWP can only pose as 'revolutionary' by rewriting history, denying the existence of a living, organic anti-capitalist culture in this country - one that sides with the majority of humanity in its fight against capitalism - and turning the anti-capitalist movement into sad little pressure group thanking 'left-wing' Labour MPs for speaking at their meetings. Well thanks, but no thanks - we want more than that. We want a movement that doesn't compromise with war, with racism, with exploitation, with all the day-to-day shit that capitalism throws at us. And it's up to us to make it happen.

Read 'Monopolise Resistance - How Globalise Resistance Would Hijack Revolt' in full at www.schnews.org.uk/monopresist/index.htm