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Here is just a few of the satires, spoofs and fake ads produced for the SchNEWS Of The World book (with more to follow soon). These graphics are all 'copyleft', meaning you can use them freely, but only for not-for-profit purposes (and if you do please drop us a line to say hello).

Ground Zero - This time it's personal - 9-11
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9-11 - Ground Zero - this time it's personal....
Deso - marketing British arms
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Arms Industry - Looking For The Perfect Tank? DESO - marketing British arms abroad...

Export Credit Guarantees
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Arms Trade - Export Credit Guarantees - Where the British government underwrites deals by British firms and international customers. Many ECGD deals are for arms or large-scale infrastructure contracts - and the British taxpayer picks up the tab to pay off the company if the dodgy regime can't stump up the cash.
Holiday Special - Cheap Flights
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Climate Change - Holiday Special - cheap flights.

How to help more Afghani children become refugees
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Afghanistani Refugees - How to help more Afghani children become refugees.

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