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What follows is a day-by-day account of the G8 Summit protests in Genoa.

The eyewitness accounts which follow come from SchNEWS people, as well as others SchNEWS spoke to at the time - and we have to admit that our Italian is poor (well try non-existant) so there is admittedly an English-speaking-persons bias to this account.

Some of the eyewitnesses include: Ramor Ryan, Starhawk, Alec Smart, el Flaco, Gday John, http://struggle.ws/wsm/ Rachel, Dave and others from UK Indymedia

G8 SUMMIT GENOA, JULY 19-21, 2001

The Build-up...

By Wednesday, 18th July - the day before the first mass demonstration - the Convergence centre in Piazza Kennedy was teeming with activity. The sports grounds, parks and schools made available by the city council - needed to accommodate the tens of thousands flooding into the city - were filling up. The Genoa Social Forum (GSF - the umbrella group who were overall organisers of the Anti-G8 event) was in full swing: welcoming newcomers by handing out food, bottled water and maps from under marquees; the schools on Via Cesare Battista were buzzing with GSF volunteers - many holding legal or medical passes - as well as Indymedia people who had one floor of the building.

Arriving at Genoa were a spectrum of the usual suspects - lefty, anarchist, green, liberals and the rest from around Europe plus Kurdish activists, Indians, Africans and many others. Also jetting in were some high profile 'anti-capitalists' such as José Bové, the McDonalds smashing French farmer, who was speaking in the public forum talks around the topic of 'Another World Is Possible' which had been running since Monday.

Wednesday night saw a big free concert by Manu Chao at the convergence centre (below, right). But the stage, the food stalls (and prices they were charging) and the white marquees gave the whole thing the feel of a corporate beer festival rather than an anti-capitalist protest. However it wasn't like this for long: by the end of the summit, the centre was the scene of a police sweep involving tear gas and truncheons. The road to the right was to have burning car bodies and banks and other glass fronted shops smashed and burned. The police conveniently had their depot next door, behind the row of shipping containers.

Thursday July 19th - Migrants March: A rundown of the various groups gathering in Genoa, after 100,000 turned out on day one for a non-violent mass demonstration.

Friday July 20th - The Point Of No Return. A look at the various blocks out on the day of confrontation. While the Black Block kick-off, Carlo Guiliani gets shot, Tutte Bianche get gassed, and the Pink Block get caught in the crossfire.

Saturday July 21st - Sight For Sore Eyes. 200,000 come out for the 'International March', but tension is high following the shooting, and then the Carabinieri split the march in two, tear-gas and truncheon the convergence centre, and many are injured,

Midnight Saturday July 21st - Dark Night: GSF Building Raid. The Carabinieri raid the Genoa Social Forum and hundreds of sleeping protesters are hospitalised and arrested in state sanctioned thuggery.

And At The End Of The Day... in conclusion

See also story about the Raids on Indymedia Centres in Italy in February 2002


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