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"Genoa was gutted. No city will host the G8 for a while. 34 banks burnt. 83 vehicles both police and civilian destroyed, 41 businesses torched or looted, 6 supermarkets, 12 government offices - illustrating the belief which some protesters have that targeting the economic organs of the enemy is the most effective tactic. (No buses were burnt, apparently because the bus drivers union was in solidarity with the protesters, ferrying everyone around for free the whole week). With Genoa in ruins, the G8 left quietly with a few empty promises to give some money to Africa.

The truth about agent provocateurs and what actually happened on the night of terror at the schools is coming out. During the whole event some 200 people were arrested, and 600 injured. In the jails, the protesters were tortured while police mocked them with pictures of Mussolini and Nazis. They tortured them, as they have done in Seattle, Prague and Quebec; as they did in Pinochet's Chile. They attempt to destroy the movement by spreading panic and fear. To break the back of the militants of this totally unarmed global protest movement."


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