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Queeruption, an alternative queer gathering took place in a squat in Whitechapel from the 13th of March 2002. It was a five day international gathering for queer folk of all sexualities. The event was the continuation of a similar but smaller gathering that took place in London in 1998 and which has had sister events in New York and San Francisco in the last couple of years. The event was put up by a London based collective of anarquists (queer anarchists) who sought to offer a radical alternative to the commercial gay scene. Anarquism it is about combining radical sexual politics, with DIY, anti state/capitalist politics.

Inclusivity is central to Queeruption. Let's face it sexuality is more ambiguous than we usually give it space for. To the people involved in Queeruption 'queer' includes anybody that is challenging the societal norms that our sexuality has been squashed into. If you like shagging boys, girls, both, only yourself or nobody or if it changes according to the day of the week everyone is welcome in a queer space.

If you're interested in finding an alternative to the 'straight' gay scene (with its rampant consumerism & apathy), get in touch. Create some radical Queer community wherever you are.


From Daily Hatemail Mayday 2002

Hundreds of self-declared sexual deviants, social misfits and anarchists recently CONVERGED on a residential street in London's East End. They blatantly SQUATTED an entire block of flats for an event advertised through shadowy internet sites as 'Queeruption 2002'. In an effort to keep the sordid goings-on under wraps, they refused to talk to the 'Daily Hatemail'. However we bring you this UNDERCOVER EXCLUSIVE, thanks to our intrepid reporter. She INFILTRATED their makeshift brothel and OBSERVED what can only be described as a depraved orgy of perversion.

Attendees, many of them FOREIGN, mingled happily. They included all kinds of punks, soap-dodgers, hardened protestors, hippies, New Age Travellers, dole-scroungers, extremists and EVEN former lesbian separatists. Some sported nose-rings, others Swampy-style dreadlocks, many obviously took delight in their own body-smells. They talked openly about SEX, and everything else. Among them we found proponents of anti-capitalism, sado-masochism, even 'asexuality' (!). The entire building had been decked in what passed for 'Art' among these dead-beats: mostly gaudy fabric held up with tape, obscene images and piles of junk 'sculpture'.

A board in the entrance hall detailed a sinister list of the 'workshops & discussions' ranging from the oddball to the downright irresponsible (eg. 'Does HIV cause AIDS?' Well, duh! Publicity for the event even exhorted parents to bring their CHILDREN along and make use of the 'creche' - one can only imagine the sick ideas these people would preach to such innocent youngsters. Most frighteningly, participants boasted of their plans to REPEAT this sickening spectacle around the world. Other cities with an underground minority of such freaks were mentioned: Hamburg, Stockholm, Montreal, Sydney, Barcelona and even Weston-super-Mare!