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Following on from the anti-squatting clause being voted through the Lords last week some of Brighton's squatters were on the receiving end of a free preview of things to come courtesy of a combined operation by county court bailiffs, Sussex police and the Met.

At about 10am on Wednesday the rear door of their dwelling (the only entrance to the squatted maisonette) was forced open and without any warning at all bailiffs entered followed by cops in riot gear. The occupants were forced into the street and only managed to keep a scant few of their possessions. Perennial wankers and squatters' thorn in the side Sitex Orbis were soon on the scene and covering the property in ugly metal sheeting.

The squatters continued to argue with the police and bailiffs, insisting on seeing eviction papers to justify their actions. Eventually bailiffs produced an old possession order dated 6th January – while it is possible to resurrected possession orders via a 'warrant of restitution' one was not produced suggesting the eviction was far from legal.

The building on St. James's St (known locally as Darkside due to a long period without power) is now completely empty and the squatters have been forced to find pastures new. Apparently a FIT team were seen filming anything they could find relating to a forthcoming squatters' convergence (17th-20th May), though what dastardly plans the police believe were being concocted on the Darkside we can only guess.

Once the immediate excitement was over the squatted shop below (which is operating as a donation funded veg coop) was served papers for an eviction, presumably it was spared the surprise eviction as it had not previously been squatted. Fortunately the flat next door (known as Lightside) remains untouched and could soon become the last remain squat on St. James's St, though no doubt new ones will spring up in the not too distance future.

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Added By: Anti-Squatters. - 21st May 2012 @ 12:46 AM
Absolute wasters, serving no purpose to society. If they really wanted to make a difference to the community then get a job that provides vital services instead of draining funds that could be better used.
Added By: hammerdan - 24th June 2012 @ 1:48 PM
I completeley agree with the above post, wasting all that money and training on evicting squatters, your description of the police is spot on...absolute wasters indeed x
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