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Occupy Nottingham were due to have their day in court this week, after their eviction papers had been served courtesy of Nottingham Council. Nottingham's Occupiers have made it through the winter and out the other side, camped up at Market Square. The judge has put back their case to April 5th, as the protesters asked, as the council, in a bid to fast track the eviction, did not follow proper court procedures. The letter their solicitors sent to the courts prior to the hearing had not been given to the Judge by the court clerks, and the council's solicitor did not ensure the Judge had copies of all the relevant paperwork for the case.

The Occupiers have tried to be nice about their stay, and have done their best to avoid confrontation with the council, who claim that the Occupiers create a mess in their otherwise pristine central square. Occupy Nottingham have already moved once (within the Square) as per the council's request. Compared with the bands of fighting, drunken littering idiots that pass through the town centre, the Occupiers have been as courteous as anyone could expect. They do have an annoying tendency to go on about how bad capitalism is, and how the present system ought to be changed for a better one. Even though its unlikely that many who work at Notts council are members of the 1%, it's clear where their loyalties lie.

Alongside their legal battle, Occupy Nottingham are circulating this petition:

“The decision of Nottingham City Council to evict the Occupy Camp when the camp had already agreed to relocate appears to be an unnecessary, over the top, exercise of power that is a breach of trust.
It appears to be an attempt to humiliate a group who have shown dedication and endurance over the winter by surviving on the market square. We call on the council to restore their credentials as respectors of democratic dissent.”

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Added By: Gerry - 2nd April 2012 @ 11:32 AM
Slab Square (aka Market Square) was packed solid with a market last weekend selling the usual crappy snacks and knick-knacks, leaving only the 'water feature' for people to wander around in. The council uses the square as a cash cow, perhaps to pay off the ginormous cost in paving it with hideously expensive imported granite (home granite not being good enough, of course), and it's ceased to be a public space where you can wander around like a fart in a trance or just generally veg out and meet friends. So it's not as if the Occupy tents, which are already squished into a corner, are taking up space which the public would otherwise use. All that'll happen when they're evicted is that the council will lease out that space to more market stalls selling pointless 'value-added' goods.

Kudos to the Occupy lot for staying on for so long, especially through the bitter cold of early March.
Added By: Pome gran - 6th May 2012 @ 5:57 PM
Looks like Occupy Nottingham win the prize for longest UK Occupy then.
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