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UK Uncut's Great British Street Party

Get yer bunting out!! It’s time for the Great British Street Party. (No – not that one, although we‘ve got to hand it to the old bag, sixty years is a long stretch in the whole handwaving, greeting foreign dignitaries and living in a castle racket.) This one’s been called by UK Uncut, the anti-austerity rabble-rousers. Under the slogan “The future’s not what it used to be” they’re asking folk to party like it’s 1948 (whatever that means).

On Saturday 26th May join UK Uncut’s Great British Street Party to demand that we keep our public services, our rights and our welfare system and to celebrate a new future that isn’t dictated to us by a handful of millionaires but decided by us all – together.

So far events have been planned in Bournemouth, Crawley, Derby, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Sheffield and York. However it looks like the big one is going to be in Central London.

Meeting at 11 a.m the demo will start off somewhat de-centralized. Choose your bloc and your meeting place and get stuck in. In no particular order the blocs are Women meeting at London Bridge, the NHS meeting at University College Hospital, Euston Road , the Welfare State meeting at Waterloo Station Concourse and Real Democracy meeting at Parliament Square.

Organisers suggest you get a travel card and have pointed out that the Welfare and Women’s blocs will be the most accessible for people with push-chairs or mobility issues.

See you at the Party!

Meanwhile, Brighton Uncut are doing things their own way – they’re holding their own street party on Saturday 2nd June.

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