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Summits Up!

Sparks may fly at the third annual UK Energy Summit if the Climate Justice Collective have their way. Aiming to short circuit one of the highlights of the greenwash calender, whose attendee list reads like a list of shame, there's gonna be actions across London during the conference on May 3rd.

The Summit sees CEOs and policy execs from such famously forward-thinking and sustainable energy corporations as Shell, BP, British Gas, EDF Energy and ExxonMobil chatting with their financial brethren like Meryll Lynch. Also appearing are natural gas profiteers such as the BG Group who boast of liaising with governments to 'find, develop and connect' natural gas around the world. The laughable tagline of the conference is 'securing a sustainable energy future'.

Quite how such a motley bunch of bloodsuckers are going to come up with anything even close to innovative is not a mystery – it's impossible. Stepping in to smash the veneer of corporate responsibility and 'take the power back', Climate Justice have called on protesters to gather in four themed blocs – details on www.climatejusticecollective.org/.


In other climate change news, last weekend protesters descended on Sizewell nuclear power station in opposition to the planned expansion of the plant with two new reactors and a dry storage dump. Around 40 people camped for the weekend, while locals and those from further afield shared knowledge with speeches and held a Chernobyl remembrance.

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Added By: Richa - 19th July 2012 @ 2:17 AM
Rob, that's a false equivalence you're asnretisg.Here's a sample of the kind of abuse that climate campaingers receive, from Hamilton's article: F**k off!!! Or you will be chased down the street with burning stakes and hung from your f**king neck, until you are dead, dead, dead! F**k you little pieces of sh*t, show youselves in public!!! Your mother was a goat f**ker!!!!!! Your father was a turd!!!!!!! You will be one of the first taken out in the revolution!!!!!!!! Your head will be on a stake!! C**t! If you think that calling somone a denialist is equivalent to the screed above, well, we'll have to agree to disagree. Go cry, emo kid.Besides, denialist is not a term of abuse. It's an accurate descriptive label.Here's how it works:If you are unaware of something, you are ignorant (no shame in that).If something has been explained to you, but you ignore it, you are wilfully ignorant.If, after ignoring previous explanations, you continue to propound the same discredited arguments in support of your view, you are a denialist.We are all entitled to our opinions Rob, but we are not entitled to our own facts. Denialist is a perfectly valid label for a person who behaves in the manner described by the above declension.
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