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I can SEA clearly now

Paul Watson, the founder of Sea Shepherd Marine Wildlife Conservation Society has been released. He was bailed from a Frankfurt jail pending a decision on whether he will be extradited to Costa Rica, where he is wanted for supposedly endangering a Costa Rican fishing vessel whilst filming a documentary back in 2002.

On Friday (18th) a Frankfurt court ruled that he could be released on bail for around £200,000. A mystery donor stepped in and he was released on Monday (20th).The Captain was relieved to be out, “I didn't expect something that happened 10 years ago to sneak up on me in Germany.”

Watson must remain in Germany while the extradition case gets haggled over.

Luckily for Paul the Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla was in Germany on an official visit trying to drum up more foreign investment from Chancellor Angela Merkel. By the time she had arrived in Berlin more than 400 Sea Shepherd supporters had shown up to greet her.

Sea Shepherd called for a global day of action on Wednesday (23rd) asking people to go and stand outside German Embassies and protest. Demonstrations took place outside the German embassies and consulates in Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, US, South Africa, Brazil, Spain, Costa Rica and many other countries.

Keep checking SEA SHEPHERD website for news and updates.

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Paul Watson. The business.
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