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The amorphous phenomenon that is Anonymous (see SchNEWS 632 for an early outing) took to the streets on Bonfire Night in a bizarre flash mob/protest effort in Trafalgar Square. One banner carried the slogan “We are Anonymous”, others carried home-made signs referring to the paedophile crisis currently gripping the nation.

Sporting the now standard 'V' masks in honour of the main man in Alan Moore's V for Vendetta graphic novel* several hundred responded to the call-out and marched towards parliament – given that unlike their hero they weren't armed with home-made explosives unsurprisingly they didn't make it through the gates but the thought was there.

A similar rally took place in Washington DC and there were several co-ordinated online attacks on high profile targets such as U.S news network NBC and Trapwire a corporation specialising in surveillance.

Anonymous is one to watch perhaps for the more established anarchist/direct action crew. Their various manifestations are a bizarre mix of Occupy style agit-prop, online actions, outright 9/11 truth lunacy and at times outright whimsy. Are they political activists, pranksters or summat else entirely? For an interesting bit of analysis and history check out Corporate Watch

Meanwhile the inspiration behind at least some of this and Northampton's favourite chaos magician and comic book writer, Alan Moore has released a novelty single for the Xmas hit parade on Occupation Records the recording wing of the Occupy movement and jauntily entitled “The Decline of English Murder” it tells the story of the 'English murder' imposed on the people by the greed of the banks and incompetence of the state.


*SchNEWS recommends – read the book and don't bother with the piss-poor Wachowski brothers film adaptation.

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