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Refugee camp set up in front of the Brandenburg gate in Berlin.

Demonstrators from the existing refugee protest camp in Oranienplatz, Berlin that was set up in early October decided to set up a second camp by the Brandenburg gate (associated with the desire for freedom since the fall of the Berlin Wall)  on October the 24th.

Around twenty-five demonstrators have been on hunger strike, drinking only water, since the founding of the camp over their shocking treatment in the hands of the German state. The refugees are mainly from Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq. They demand an end to deportations and faster response times when dealing with asylum applications. They shout slogans, some translation friendly, such as “We are here and we will fight! Freedom of movement is everybody's right”, “No border, no nation, stop deportation!”.

The riot police were as welcoming as ever to the new arrivals. On the evening of October the 26th the riot squad intimidated the protesters and confiscated their blankets, tents and sleeping bags in a season when night time temperatures are falling below zero. The reason given for forbidding these items was that their possession would mean the site became a camp not just the demonstration it has been registered as. During the clash two activists and one refugee were arrested. The refugee sustained a leg injury in the hands of the cops and needed hospital treatment. There was a solidarity demonstration for the three arrestees ending where they were being held at GESA a mass detention centre on Perleberger street. They have now been released.

The police struck the Branderburg camp once again during the 29th, adding backpacks and extra clothing to the list of forbidden goods and confiscating any in sight. Despite the ban, demonstators erected another tent which was forcibly removed on the 31st. The camp in Brandenburg has been taken down, the other refugee camp at Oranienplatz in Kreuzberg, Berlin is still going.

On Sunday(11th) a talk is being held in Oranienplatz with No Border activists focusing on the struggles of refugees against the borders in Europe and beyond in Africa.

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