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Darfur: It ain't over.

Last Sunday around 500 people demonstrated in London to mark 10 years of genocide in Darfur and call for an end to the violence. Organised by a collective of groups from the Darfur Union, National Sudanese Women's Alliance and Waging Peace, participants came from far and wide, organising buses from Cardiff, Manchester and Birmingham.

After a demo outside the Sudanese Embassy, protesters took to the streets to march to Downing Street and Westminster. The demo was lively and the message delivered passionately, with chants like “Revolution, revolution, until we win” (which rhymes more in Arabic). One marcher told SchNEWS, “We tried to play some music on the soundsystem and some very officious police man got agitated because it was supposed to be single file on the pavement.”

April 2003 was a period of massive escalation in attacks on civilians in the region of Darfur, in a conflict which has claimed 300,000 lives and contributed to the refugee crisis – to the tune of 4 million people - in neighbouring countries, camps and further afield. Ten years on and the situation is volatile, with over a third of the population still reliant on food aid. On the demo, Darfurians were joined by others from areas such as the Nuba mountains and the Blue Nile which are now suffering just as much as Darfur, with aerial bombardments and militia attacks on civilians.

Refugees from the conflict haven't, on the whole, found refuge in Europe: Of the protesters on Sunday, some had always lived in the UK, or had been granted asylum status - but many continue to suffer the trauma of the asylum system and the threat of deportation.

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