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A Smashing Start To Summer

MayDay, Smash EDO style

Last Tuesday, the Smash EDO's first protest as part of the Summer of Resistance took place on the gate of EDO/ ITT EXELIS.

The Bad Noise demo started around midday with around 25-35 people - all equipped with banners and anything that might cause a racket (well, no missiles obviously). All kinds of instruments were given a thorough bashing but any hint of musical harmony was promptly smashed by several kitchen utensils banging on anything metallic. Young and old were present, tea was served and anyone inside or near the factory was left in no doubt about the level of disgust felt directed against Brighton's favourite arms dealers.

15 minutes before it ended one copper left his van and started bullying a girl half his age who was ringing a cow bell. She was arrested under section 5 - claiming that that her conduct was alarming in some unknown (and probably unknowable) way.

One protester (who preferred to remain nameless) said, “The unnecessary and unjust arrest highlights the role of the police in this Summer of Resistance. The disproportionate police presence shows that protecting the military industry is their priority. The completely uncalled-for arrest only proved that the police are there to do ITT Corporation's bidding.

The fight continues with plenty of demos and actions over the coming months. Activists are also being called to Phone & Twitter Blockade on Thursday, 3rd May. To tell them what your thoughts are on their business as usual call 01273 810500 / fax 810565. www.smashedo.org.uk

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Long-term Brighton anti-war direct action campaigners Smash EDO are gearing up for the start of the long awaited Summer of Resistance this coming week.

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