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Where else would you expect to find Farage, the personification of affable blokeish racism, on Boxing Day? The UKIP leader took the trip down south to a meet of the Old Surrey and Burstow foxhounds. It plays well in the Tory shires, this kind of thing. Traditional, innit: all redcoats, horses and the squirearchy out to play. No doubt Nigel hopes to rustle away a few Conservative voters.

He's all over the press shaking hands with one Mark Bycroft, the huntsman of the Burstow. In one image Nigel manages to tells us what it'll be like if he gets his wish to turn the clocks back to the 1930s.

Just a fortnight previously (14/12/13), at Fordcombe in Kent, Mark Bycroft launched a pre-meditated attack on a young anti-hunt protester. Notice how he looks left and right to see who's watching (or filming) before throwing the punch. Unluckily for him he doesn't spot the camera mounted inside a nearby vehicle.

Hunt monitors and saboteurs are used to having their complaints of assault dismissed by police. In deference to local hierarchy the constabulary are usually slow to act. Unless, of course, the allegations come from above, in which case the hapless anti's feet will be lucky to touch the floor. In the case of this assault the cops attending the meet literally had to be chased along country roads before they would take a complaint.

This time round, once the evidence was forced on them it proved so blatant that they were forced to act. Bycroft was arrested on Friday 20th but by some legal sleight of hand only received a caution. Bear in mind that this is a man with previous convictions for assault, then think about how an average suspect might have been treated, and marvel at how the aristocracy protect their own.

So there he is on Boxing Day, mounted and ready to set his dogs on local wildlife, shaking hands with the racist politician du jour. The buddy-buddy pic's a horrible premonition of what lies ahead should Farage ever get in the saddle. 


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Added By: smithy - 27th December 2013 @ 3:26 PM
I've been involved in anti-fasch stuff since the mid 70's and more recently the anti badger cull in gloucs. Two sides of the same coin as it turns out with the police openly supporting shooters and cullers while intimidating protestors. I had a farmer fucking well run me over on a public right of way .. no action by plod .. while we had our number plates run at least 100 times and were stopped and searched once .. There are 100's of Bycrofts out there and they need to be opposed and confronted at every opportunity. All power to the sabs. They are amazing.
Added By: Anonymous - 27th December 2013 @ 5:07 PM
Yes, sabs are amazing indeed. Bycroft was out hunting the day Steve christmas was nearly killed. THe hunt got away with attempted murder.
Added By: Jo Makepeace - 27th December 2013 @ 9:28 PM
SchNEWS issue 383 about the Steve Christmas incident

Added By: Jason Hopkinson - 28th December 2013 @ 8:46 AM
This story appeared on my facebook newsfeed so I commented on it. I think that because I didn't leave some childish one word insult or immediately draw the conclusion that Farage is a racist and complicit in an 'attempted assault' because he OBVIOUSLY knows this Bycroft in great detail, then my comment was removed. I wasn't abusive or personal I merely had the temerity to suggest that the biggest killer of foxes in the UK was the humble automobile and that anyone who went sabbing ought to consider giving up driving too. I further pointed out that Farage will take votes from everyone and didn't subscribe to the popular myth that he will just destroy the Conservative voter base. What debate did this stimulate? None - My comment got removed by 'stop the cull' and I was bade goodnight in such an adult fashion as to make me question my whole attitude to life - not. Such a mature reaction to a fairly balanced and obviously truthful comment. May I suggest you'd find much more support if you actually debated and proved your points instead of resorting to puerile language, childish insults and the attitude that your way is the only way. It' isn't. Foxes have no natural predators yet have had a reasonably stable population in this country with or without the attentions of people who hunt foxes. Why? Because foxhunting as a means of pest control is a very poor method as it hardly kills any foxes. As I mentioned the automobile does that very well. The point you all seem to be missing in this class war (and that is ALL it is) is that 'rich toffs' on horseback (you can include all the lords, ladies, shooting syndicates, hunts and the farmers and gamekeepers that support them) are the very people who keep the green and beautiful parts of the countryside green and beautiful. That land management is almost the main point here with foxhunting itself being a mere facet. A sideshow. The bottom line is the sabs, antis and all those people screaming themselves hoarse over the death of very few foxes wouldn't have the first clue what to do with the land if the people they seek to remove stopped maintaining it. Not a clue. They are far happier leaving one word insults, spelling perfectly simple words and names incorrectly to absolutely confirm their stupidity and removing the comments of anyone who challenges their quite narrow black and white view. Grow up.

Added By: Pete Jackson - 28th December 2013 @ 12:20 PM
Jason Hopkins_ Very well put sir The hounds only really catch old or sick foxes. Cars do more foxes and far more badgers than any cull ever could. And how many sabs ect.. derive from rural or farming back grounds ?.
Added By: KG Ken - 28th December 2013 @ 11:28 PM
I have a registered farm business and live a rural existence. I reject the idea that hunting is the best way to preserve the countyside. Badgers and foxes are safe on my land as are the birds of prey that are often subject to persecution by game keepers. Its a sad day If we really have to be thankful towards those who support hunting for their guardianship of the countryside. That if they can't hunt then they might as well turn what they farm into a monocuture. This is the arogant propoganda of the ruling elite.
Added By: Anonymous - 29th December 2013 @ 12:16 PM
Jason firstly you don't address the blatant assault, you suggest that hunt sabes are just fighting a 'class war.'. What does that term mean to you? Have you ever thought beyond the ignorant gutter press and really questioned what that means? If that sab had did what the hunter did to him the the sab would almost certainly be charged. Why would that be the case? Because of traditional class hierarchy. So yes perhaps there is an element of class war within the sab movement. And rightly so. Wake up. Secondly your argument that cars kill more foxes than hunts is completely irrelevant. Cars kill foxes by accident.Hunts seek to purposely torture animals for pleasure. The purpose of sabing is to confront this barbaric animal cruelty in the hope that by doing so we are working towards a more civilised and progressive society. Why do you think that is wrong? Your comments suggest you do not appreciate the concept of democracy and that we should accept our lot, keep our heads down and don't attempt to change our society. And what a flawed position to suggest that maintenance of land can only be achieved by the industry of the torture of animals. This complete lack of imagination no doubt would have justified the slave trade. I suggest you rethink what it means to be civil, humane and progressive. Get on board and stop being an apologist for those you apparently believe are your masters.
Added By: Anonymous - 30th December 2013 @ 4:13 PM
@ Jason, i used to have a horse, in my teenage/early 20's, so i purely get the fun of horse riding. I am not a lord or lady, or a toff, just against hunting. Indeed, our countryside is beautiful, but the fox is not a pest, in fact, the fox is a bonus to the arable farmer, as foxes keep down rats and rabbits, and of course if all land was arable, then many more people would not be starving in the world. It is meat production that uses up recorces of water and grain, that could directly go feeding the 3rd world, instead, they are exporting their grain, so we can feed livestock. There is no class war, i have had times in my life where i have had money, and times where i have been poor, but this argument is about compassion.
Added By: Claire - 2nd January 2014 @ 1:13 PM
Peter Jackson = moron
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