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So brave Sir Tommy, and his looming sidekick, loyal Squire Kev Carroll, gallivant off to the greener pastures of state-funded 'anti-extremism', courtesy of the Quilliam foundation, leaving his dogged foot-followers in state of hilariously bewildered confusion – but what does it all mean?

Firstly and most importantly, absolutley nothing that comes out of Tommy Robinson's mouth is to be trusted. One minute he's proud of everything the EDLs ever done – the next denouncing them as riddled with racists. He's always struck SchNEWS as a chancer, along for the ride and in love with the limelight, rather than a serious political contender.

On the other hand there seems to have been suspisciously seamless transition of leadership with the website Facebook and Twitter still firmly in the hands of those who term themselves regional organisers. For a man who claims to have been beating the bounds of his movement to keep outneo-nazis Tommy seems to have done little to burn any bridges.

Over the last four years he's successfully spun a confection of tabloid bugbears into a street movement. Not even that big a street movement to be honest. At it's very height the EDL could pull 3,000 onto the streets – a turn-out that for a national demo on the left in London would be regarded as an ignominious failure. Quite how Tommy ended up being the leader in the first place is shrouded in mystery and prior to the brief post-Lee Rigby surge in support, he was losing ground to various splinter organisations.

Nonetheless he has continually been treated by the UK media as a figure of national significance, repeatedly appearing on Newnight, channel 4 news and other less serious outfits too numerous to mention. His resignation was treated like that of controversial cabinet minister – even making onto Radio 6 News!

One of the more bizarre revelations to come out of this Damascene conversion has been that the BBC has been making a fly on the wall documentary of Tommy's life. Could it simply be that, tiring of the company of drunken racists, Tommy aspires to the life of D-List celebrity and talking head. How long before we see the “former leader of the EDL” on Question Time, TalkSport or even Celebrity Big Brother?

There is obviously a big question mark hanging over the continued existence of the league. EDL tears on Monday were of course a joy to behold as the rank and file at first refused to believe such an obvious spoof, before crying or denouncing him as a traitor. At the time of going to the main Facebook is still insisting they're heading for Bradford this Saturday  (October 12th).


Bradford was announced as the next national demo after the EDL flop in Tower Hamlets on September 7th. It has all been organised at very short notice (Tower Hamlets by contrast had a several month lead up). The last time the EDL went to Bradford, they did so at the height of their powers and they quite frankly got slapped. So when the time comes for the rank and file to reason why, fingers might best be pointed at the two gents currently slipping out the back door.

It's what happens after Bradford that's crucial - a shit day here and the league could well fragment into tiny squabbling factions as yer Infidels, Aryan Strike Forces and Casuals all head their seperate ways. Already at least one new leader of the EDL,  a sieg-heiling Alex Wood  has announced himself. Others will surely follow.

Anti Fascists are of course organising to counter the Bradford  demo – to find out more visit the redoubtable Anti Fascist Network

To find out what's happening on the day https://www.facebook.com/YorkshireAntiFascists

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