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Another lucky escape from jail for Smash EDO campaigners as serial occupant of the dock at Brighton magistrates Chris Osmond was found 'not guilty' of criminal damage to the fence of EDO MBM yesterday (Wednesday 5th)

The case related to one of the regular noise demos outside the EDO weapons factory nearly two years ago on 20th December 2010. Chris was initially arrested on the strength of a video of him idly tapping the fence with a piece of chalk while chin-wagging with another activist. Cops even seized rocks from the verge as evidence.

Over the intervening two years the case has been dismissed and resurrected more than once. It was of course PC Sean McDonald who can be seen at his oily best in this Guardian video who decided to serve the summons on Chris. Hilariously the judge specifically pointed out that one reason for the 'not guilty' verdict was that McDonald's evidence was 'inconsistent with his statement'.

Weirdly EDO ITTs managing director Paul Hills was present throughout the last part of the trial. His presence was perhaps explained by a prosecution plan to gain a restraining order against Chris, a plan that had to be scrapped with the inconvenient verdict. One eyewitness told SchNEWS 'Once the verdict was announced Paul Hills virtually ran out of the court'.

For more on resisting the arms trade in Brighton www.smashedo.org.uk

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Added By: Eastern Front - 13th September 2012 @ 9:45 PM

Ah, I wish I could see the embarrassment on his face!
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