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Justice for Jock Palfreeman

Solidarity demo for imprisoned anti-fascist

Anarchist solidarity activists paid a solidarity visit to the Bulgarian Embassy last Friday (18th March) in support of Jock Palfreeman.

In 2008 Jock Palfreeman intervened to defend two Roma boys who were being attacked by a gang of fascist football fans in Sofia, Bulgaria's capital. In the fight that folloewed one of the fascists died, and a second was injured.Despite it being clear case of self-defence, the Bulgarian authorities saw fit to give Jock a 20 year prison sentence . (more info about the case www.freejock.com ).

Currently Jock is fighting to be transferred to his native Australia and some activists in UK decided to answer to his call for solidarity. On 18th of March around 30 people from different anarchist groups gathered outside the Bulgarian embassy in London. Flyers were distributed and banners were hung on the embassy's fence. Embassy staff seem annoyed that the issue is being constantly brought up.

During the demo the Bulgarian flag was also set on fire but our brave guardians of law and order failed to notice anything.

If you want to find out how to get involved check www.anarchistsolidarity.wordpress.com as campaign

Indymedia report of demo

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Added By: Analyn - 22nd October 2012 @ 3:44 PM
All right, so a lot of subtle sascarm here. Pete, this isn't about muslims bad or good, it's about free speech. That's what the Wilders trial is all about.In his film Fitna he has merely taken excerpts from the koran (I won't honour that death-mongering book with a capital letter) and shown what it tells its adherents to do to us, the infidel. Among other things. For this he is put on trial by the same people who believe in free speech, vilified by people who are supposed to believe in democracy, and put on the death-list of the jihadists who went to live in his country because it could offer them a better deal.(He only quoted the book: Does that mean they don't agree with what's in the book they follow so scrupulously?)It must be a strange book indeed when the followers of it can quote it at liberty when they want to for example kill women who talk to men they're not related to, hang men who happen to be attracted to men and mutilate girls so they'll never feel sexual pleasure, but can not be quoted or mentioned by the people already living in the countries where these throwbacks to the middle ages choose to settle. My blog entry was about free speech being on trial. It will be a sad day for Europe and the rest of the free world if quoting from a book already published in I don't know how many volumes, is an offence. Pete and Max: This is what it's about. Free speech: The thing from which we all ultimately make a living.
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