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Lies, Damn Lies & the EDL

You couldn't make it up! Oh, wait...


Those muzzies are having sex with dead people!

At least that's what you might believe if you took all news at face value and have already decided that 'those Arab are up to summat'.

Today the far right Casuals United blog is leading with 'Islamists add necrophilia to their list of vices' – echoing a report they obviously read on the Daily Mail website, who in turn picked it up from Al Arabyira, who had spun their story from part of an opinion piece by Amro Abdul Samea in the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram. All the articles claim that the Egyptian parlaiment is about to pass a law allowing men to have sex with their wives up to six hours after death.

Unsurprisingly this 'news' turns out to be almost entirely made up. No such law has been proposed or stands any chance of ending up on the books. Samea was one of deposed dictator Mubarak's biggest fans and probably invented the prospect of the law in an attempt to stir up fear of the democratically elected government that replaced him. On the face of it he's been pretty successful.

While even the Daily Mail is now admitting the new law has “been branded a 'complete nonsense'” the damage is already done. As a result of their (and every other news outlet that published a version of the non-story) complete disregard for fact checking, in the EDL's parallel universe 'Muslims have sex with dead people'.

In a 24hr news world, where if you take a few minutes more than the competition to get your story online you can lose hundreds of thousands of hits, the pressures on mainstream journalists can be immense. However slipshod reporting is inflammatory and irresponsible. This story will now no doubt be added to a long list of 'FACTS!' that are quoted every time reactionary opinions are questioned.

For a detailed demolition of the claims in the Christian Science Monitor


Similarly the EDL and friends are now promising to return to Brighton on 2nd June, largely on the back of The Argus reporting that “a ten-year-old girl taking part in the march was hit on the head” last weekend. The 'fact' that anti-fascists bottled hundreds of women and children has now become the rallying call for a small but dangerous group of meat-heads to return to the town that so thoroughly embarrassed them.

Concocted stories and half truths are the bread and butter of the far right – without a genuine threat an invented one is needed to attract people to their cause. While in the long term a responsible media and a more questioning populous may prevent the rise of fascism. Today the best we can hope for is an effective grass roots militant response to send them packing.

There are 2 comments on this story...
Added By: Joginder Singh F - 12th May 2012 @ 12:10 AM
when it comes to knuckle dragging mindless racist thugs The EDL are rank beginers compared to the group of knuckle dragging mindless racist thugs known as "The Police"
Added By: Aliati - 9th June 2012 @ 12:51 PM
i am a norwegian muislm and i really want to ask u all here something. u are hurt when everyone blames u for the attacks in norway, right? he was a christian european. with almost the same thinking as u, like against islam and all muislms and all. how can u then blame all the muislms for the attacks carried out by some muislms only? how can u blame me for that? i am against any terrorist attack and i am a practicing muislm and i want to follow islam as much as i can, but i know it will just make me a better human. in islam its not allowed to kill any innocent human being. i know this because i have read the quran and i am a muislm. therefore i will never kill any innocent human! i just want to say that the way u are feeling now, being blamed for something u didnt do, the same way we muislms feel when u blame all of us for what a small group of people among the muislms are doing! so please stop this and lets try and fight together against terrorism as a whole and not blame a single religious group or whatever. i also want to say, i was born in norway and it makes me a norwegian muislm. how can u want to throw me out of my own country for example? where should i go?`religion is not limited to culture or country. it is a belief. and everyone should be allowed to choose whatever they want to believe. no one should be forced. u might "kick out" all the foreigner muislms from europe, but what about those ethnic british, norwegians, danish, sweedish, etc, people who themselves have chosen to follow islam? i will also say that in many muislms countries like iran, iraq, pakistan, saudi arabia, etc, there are thousands of christians who are living there peacfully with the freedom of practicing their religion. in islam, we muislms are told to do so. we respect all the other religions and are not allowed to fight with them unless it is needed for selfdefence.so please stop this propaganda. stop spreading hate among us. we all are humans. respect each other and live in peace instead. we muislms and christians belive in the same God. the abrahamic God. the only difference is that u dont belive in the last prophet muhammed(pbuh). let our God decide who is wrong and who is right. who are we to fight over that? i hope my comment will not be deleted. peace.
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